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Keyboard Key Measurements (various)

Anything about hardware musical instruments.

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Postby CT007; Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:34 pm Keyboard Key Measurements (various)

Hello peoples! :party: :phones:

I was thinking, why not start a "database" of keyboard key measurements, since this apparently doesn't exist...? Lots of different keyboards, even from the same company, have lots of different width keys, did you know that? Well, I didn't, for a while... Thinner keys are harder to play, is the problem(for me).

I got these measurements by going to Guitar Center with a tape measure and, well, you can figure out the rest. They are pretty accurate, I'd say, since several groups of them go together. I was only interested in 5 octaves(or 1, to calculate 5), so I reckon that can be the 'standard' measurement to compare to/with.

So, let's go ahead and post all the other keyboard's measurements, eh? :) (Measure from the left of the lowest key, to the right of the 61st key)

Thanks & hf!

yamarolakorg 61.jpg

-----[5 Octave Measurements: C-to-C (~)]-----

33 6.5/16" (33.40625"):
-Roland RD-700NX
-Williams Allegro 88
-Yamaha MM8

33 3/8" (33.375"):
-Casio CDP-120
-Korg Kronos X 88
-Korg Krome 88
-Yamaha Motif XF8
-Yamaha DGX-650
-Yamaha MOX8
-Yamaha P155
-Yamaha P105
-Yamaha CP33

33 5/16" (33.3125"):
-Casio PX-150
-Casio PX-350
-Korg Kross 88
-Krog SP-280

33 1/4" (33.25") - {1 OCT = 7 3/8"}:
-Korg Kronos 61
-Korg PS60
-M-Audio Axiom AIR 49/61 (MIDI controller)
-Novation Impulse 49/61 (MIDI controller)
-Novation SlMkII 49/61 (MIDI controller)
-Nord Electro4/Stage2

33 3.5/16" (33.21875")
-Korg Kross 61
-Korg Krome 61

32 15/16" (32.9375"):
-Roland D-70
-Roland JV-30
-Roland Juno-Di/Gi

32 14.5/16" (32.90625"):
-Casio WK-6500
-Casio XW-P1/G1

32 9/16" (32.5625"):
-Yamaha PSR-E433
-Yamaha YPT-220
-Yamaha YPG-235/535
-Yamaha NP-11/31

-Line 6 Mobile Keys 25/49 (MIDI controller)

-M-Audio Oxygen 49/61 (MIDI controller)

-Yamaha MX49/61
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Mitch I.
92 posts since 2 May, 2003, from Ohio, USA

Postby Mitch I.; Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:46 am Re: Keyboard Key Measurements (various)

Thanks for doing this. I had assumed that there was a standard.

I measured 61 keys on my acoustic piano and got 33 3/8. It's a Charles R. Walter upright.

Mitch I.
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8062 posts since 21 Mar, 2008, from Hannover, Germany

Postby Ingonator; Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:23 am Re: Keyboard Key Measurements (various)

Korg Wavestation EX : 32.52 " (for 61 keys)

Yamaha Motif ES 7 : 32.52 " (for 61 keys)

Both seem to have the same size.

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Postby BBFG#; Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:46 am Re: Keyboard Key Measurements (various)

Older stuff:
Both 61 keys:

Korg N5: 33-3/8"
Emu Xboard 61: 33"

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