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stickies in the Music Theory forum

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Postby Hink; Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:16 pm stickies in the Music Theory forum

I suggested this a while back in a thread but I want to bring it up again. I understand how it gets frustrating answering the same questions and especially the real basic stuff. But my friends we all started somewhere...I also get that trolls like to come in and ask the same questions under different names just to get a rise out of people.

This forum is a terrific resource, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here but sometimes the same things over and over wears thin on the patience. Meanwhile others are very patient with newcomers and do not mind helping them out. Furthermore sometimes helping someone else understand something helps you to understand it.

So it seems there are tiers of knowledge here like everywhere else...why not use that to the advantage of all?

I did this in the diy forum, like guitar wiring mods...I made it a sticky and going on three years of the diy forum in March I have only once had to ask someone to chill and this same issue does not exist.

Why not stickies for the basics, those who feel (and most often rightfully so) that they are above explaining the basics will have plenty of more in depth questions to answer in the forum. Those with more patience can help those in the stickies and a database of answers will build itself and that would be a wonderful resource for all. Those just learning can share with others just learning.

Basically I think this forum would do good with it's own mods who can handle this...forum mods like myself who is a mod of the diy forum do not have ban power or anything like that...we basically just keep things organized...mostly my duties in diy are asking people who post in other forums diy stuff if they would like their post moved (to move a post from another forum I need a general mod to do so, I can move a thread misplaced in the diy to the right forum). So it's not like a forum mod is some kind of boss or has much power, but it would free up the few general mods to maintain other things.

Just a thought :shrug:
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