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Postby Harthstein; Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:53 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Hi !

Sometimes I wish I had a Moog Modular (The big wooden box :love: ) but it's error-prone and there is no place in my recording studio. But I own the software ... :D

Here is my entry:
https://soundcloud.com/harthstein/harth ... s-birthday

- created with 21 instances of Arturia Moog Modular V
- produced with Ableton Live
- compressor, eq, limiter and delay by host
- additional FX: TAL-REVERB-3, epicVerb
- Mastering: Ableton Dynamic Tube, Ableton EQ8, LoudMax

Please enjoy! :)
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Postby jasinski; Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:09 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Created using Live 9, it's built-in native effects and seventy four instances of Zebra 2.

https://soundcloud.com/jasinski-contest ... -rod-osc60
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Postby Yeager; Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:40 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Uploaded mine, it's called :

"Knock Me Out".

Made In FLStudio.

I used : 18 x Z3ta+.

Track FX :
3 x ReaComp
2 X Moto Q
1 x PanCake2.

Automation : No.

Master FX :
1 x VoS SlickHDR
1 x Tls Maximizer.


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Postby BojanKerkez; Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:07 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

This is not only my first attempt at these one synth challenges, but also the first time that I'm sharing my music on a public forum. So I hope someone will find it adequate.


key: E major
tempo: 81 bpm
time signature: 3/4

Made in Ableton Live 9.1 Suite with 13 instances of BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan.

Native effects used: EQ Eight, Glue Compressor, Utility, Simple Delay, Saturator, Reverb, Arpeggiator

3rd party effects used: Klanghelm IVGI, Variety of Sound SlickHDR, VladgSound LimiterNo.6
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Postby MaxDFB; Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:14 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Hi, I'm participating for the first time. I used 8 instances of U-HE ACE and imagined what I would do on an actual hardware modular synth system of that size.

I hope you like it.


Live 9

U-HE ACE (8x)

Ableton FX: EQ3 (8x), Compressor (7x), Delay (4x)

Free FX: UpStereo (1x), Thrillseeker XTC black (2x), Marvel GEQ (1x), TLs Maximizer (1x)
196 posts since 16 Mar, 2013, from Lima - Perú

Postby J.Ruegg; Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:27 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Happy Birthday OSC :party: :clap: !!!


Here is my entry : https://soundcloud.com/jruegg/rain

I have first tryed to make another DNB entry... but it hasn't work...


DAW : Open Mod PLug Tracker

25 Instances of Dune BE

External FXs:

8x Ambience
1x NastyDLAmkII
1x GVST MultibandCompressor
2x Span
2x Melda Equalizer(free)
2x Melda Limiter(free)
1x Melda Compressor(free)
Entangled Noise
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Postby Entangled Noise; Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:37 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Submitted my entry,
Composed in Mu.Lab and Sibelius.
17 instances of ACE.
Reverb on two tracks.
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Postby V'ger; Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:48 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Which reverb did you use?
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Postby ThePresent; Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:01 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Hello people, just uploaded my track. 8)

https://soundcloud.com/thepresentmusic/ ... ys-wake-up

OSC_60 entry ThePresent - Lost Boy's Wake Up Call (Cubase Prologue)

Artwork by Jessica Reynders

Cubase 6.5.5

16 instances of Prologue

Mixing plugins:
Cubase Prologue onboard FX
Cubase Arpache 5
Cubase Compressor
Cubase Dual Filter
Cubase mixer's eq
Cubase Stereo Enhancer
Cubase Reverence
Variety Of Sound Ferric TDS

Mastering plugins:
Variety Of Sound Slick HDR
Variety Of Sound Baxter EQ
Melda MEqualizer
Vladg Sound Limiter nr 6
Voxengo SPAN
Cubase SLM128 EBU meter
Cubase Dithering module Apogee UV22HR
16 posts since 1 Mar, 2007, from Italy

Postby Doomedman; Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:52 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

https://soundcloud.com/orbitalarbeiter/ ... -particles

Hi everyone,

Here I am at my second OSC!

Synth used: the mighty OP-X PRO II
by http://www.sonicprojects.ch/

- OP-X PRO II (18 instances)
- DAW: Fruity Loops
- TAL DUB 2 (rev/delay)
- Rough Rider (Comp.)
- Limiter ( Fruity Loops internal effect)
- All other FXs are from the OP-X

Enjoy the collision! ;)
Entangled Noise
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Postby Entangled Noise; Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:28 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

V'ger wrote:Which reverb did you use?

I have to confess that the information I gave was not complete. Although
the tunes and instrument choices were mostly done in Mu-Lab and Sibelius 7
Renoise 3.0.0(6b) was used to mix my track because it works very efficiently.
In combination with using DirectSound instead of software ASIO
I could get 17 instruments of ACE to work compared to about 6 in the other
DAWs that I use. The reverb that comes with Renoise was used on two tracks.
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Postby crimsonwarlock; Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:48 pm Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

My entry for the february OSC (any synth):

A Midsummernight Love Affair

This was a quick and dirty one, I didn't have much time available so this was done on just one evening all together (sounds, composing, tracking, mixing). I used only delay and a little reverb, as I wanted to let the pure sound of the synth recognizable (this is also the first demo-track for Ragnarok). All sounds are single patches, no stacks or layers used ;-)

Again (like my previous OSC-track), everything is played live and no quantization used ;-) Only 'sequencing' used is BlueARP driving the bassline.

Used 9 instances of the upcoming (free) Ragnarok Synth.

Tracked and mixed in Reaper.

FX used:
- 7x ET-301 Delay
- 1x EpicVerb (send-bus)
- 1x BuzzRizer (master-bus)
- 1x LoudMax (master-bus, brickwall only)

https://soundcloud.com/gridlock-momentu ... ummernight
CrimsonWarlock aka TechnoGremlin
Using: Reaper and loads of freeware plugins

Ragnarök VST-synthesizer co-creator with Full Bucket
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Postby solidtrax; Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:30 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

This is our entry for the KVR OSC 60

It's not our best work to date, but we had little time to make something this month but we wanted to be a part of KVR OSC 60 so, here it is! :D

We used 13 instances of DiscoDSP Corona, no samples or sample based patches have been used. The track is produced/mixed/mastered in Steinberg Cubase 6.5.4 x64

We used very little plugins during mixing/mastering:
2x Cubase EQ
1x Cubase Reverb
1x Cubase Delay
1x Loudmax
1x Vladg Limit06

All patches are from our first commercial sound bank for Corona, which will be released next month.

Dawn of Dreams - 100 lush and shimmering presets for Reveal Sound Spire
Drumspiration - 80 electronic drum presets for Reveal Sound Spire
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter
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Postby dzr0; Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:22 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

Hi everyone,

This is my entry for OSC 60: Any One Synth

I made the project using Synth1 in Ableton Live Suite - 32bit Trial Version. A total of 26 instances are used and some of them are layered together.

Besides the patches that I created, I also used several sounds from free Synth1 preset packs which tweaked until I got the sound I desired.

All of the effects I used are Ableton Live's Native Effects; but, I also used Voxengo Span and Sonalksis FreeG, which can be downloaded from their websites for free.

No modulation effect is used, except for the ones inside of Synth1.

I used Ableton's EQ Eight, Glue Compressor and Limiter for mastering.

Here is the list of all the effects that I used:

Dynamics: Ableton Live's Native Effects (Compressor / Glue Compressor / Multiband Compressor)
Equilizer: Ableton Live's Native Effects (EQ Three / EQ Eight)
Reverb: Ableton Live's Native Effects (Reverb) - No Modulation
Limiter: Ableton Live's Native Effects (Limiter)
Analyzer: Voxengo Span, Sonalksis FreeG

I hope you like it.

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Postby e@rs; Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:15 am Re: One-Synth-Challenge 60: Any One Synth - Submissions

jasinski wrote:...and seventy four instances of Zebra 2.


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