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Postby sadkin; Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:37 pm is there an "auto Make-up gain" type plug-in?

Curious if there are any transparent, 64 bit vst plug-ins that I can put after my UA Studer A800 plug-in (or similar plug-ins) which automatically compensates gain to remain 0.0 d.B.'s. (maybe some of Waves' 'rider' plug-in?)

The idea is, if I 'hit the tape hard' the autogain plug-in would adjust the output (down) to 0.0 d.B., then again, if in searching for different sonic 'sweetspots', which i understand can occur when one isn't necessarily driving the input of tape to peak the signal just shy of 0.0 (I've read about engineers and producers excited at the sound of tape for specific songs and source material at -7.0 d.B., etc.). I like the idea of having an auto gain constantly adjusting/compensating as the input on the studer is adjusted in order to better hear the 'texture' of the tape emulation sound change as I adjust the input but not enduring the volume disparity.

I know the Studer plug-in offers an output -/+ but I'd like to play with hitting the tape differently on variety of sources and the idea of an automatic gain plug-in seems like something that would be very useful to me.

I confess, it is a little difficult for me to hear the subtleties of tape sound as it is being hit softer or harder in delicate, nuanced situations (don't get me wrong, I certainly can hear more extreme tape slamming scenarios...sheesh).
I just find it too difficult to 'key in' on what I am hearing as I adjust input then tweak and fiddle with the output in small ways, I feel it doesn't offer me the best sense of being able to hear when I find that elusive 'sweetspot'.

This make sense? Anyone know what I can use?
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Postby Tricky-Loops; Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:10 pm Re: is there an "auto Make-up gain" type plug-in?

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Postby anabkemeir; Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:58 pm Re: is there an "auto Make-up gain" type plug-in?

Don't believe it's 64 bit but might be what you are looking for. Super-volu. Place an instance before the effect and after. It will adjust the volume after to be equal to the before instance. Helps to auto adjust volume for those plugins that don't have unity gain.

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