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Hardware synthesizers make me wish I had Software VA

VST, AU, etc. plug-in Virtual Instruments discussion

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Postby V0RT3X; Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:07 am Re: Hardware synthesizers make me wish I had Software VA

If you own crap hardware VA then sure you probably wish you had software VA that is much better.. who would'nt
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Postby yessongs; Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:14 pm Re: Hardware synthesizers make me wish I had Software VA

I want one of each HW SW and any other kind of ware. Seriously though I love the kurzweil and korg top of the line workstations add in a moog an oberheim a prophet and some waldorf gear and I would be in analog heaven. Use to have the kurz and a moog and I do not miss having the memorymoog go out of tune all the time so that part is not missed and memorymoon is out and sounds remarkable for what I want.

Software is def the way to go though and I could use the money on other things other than HW synths.
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Postby jacqueslacouth; Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:54 pm Re: Hardware synthesizers make me wish I had Software VA

kmonkey wrote:
jacqueslacouth wrote:I tend to agree with Numanoid on this. I have a fair bit of Hardware and haven't bought much in quite some time. The other week I bought a Casio CZ1000 on impulse because it seemed cheap (considering the Australian market) at $200 based on a lot of love for the CZ range online and a few quite good video demos. What a meh sounding POS! Then I thought about any one of the soft synths that I have (especially in the $200 bracket…..FFS, I picked up Blue II for $150. The sound of my software in recent years far surpasses the mountain of Hardware I have and so I think it is time to rationalise my studio a LOT….Ebay firesale coming up! This could clear some space in my man cave so I can put a large TV in with a PS4 and a fridge with beer….YAY for me


If you guys are going to marginalize and over-generalize comparison of hardware synth world vs plugins and doing that with CZ1000 you are seriously odd. No disrespect intended. It's just that i am finding it very weird. PM me with the list of your gear i might buy it (i am not kidding). At least ebay won't rip you off with their fees.

No disrespect taken mate….My point was not to compare the function of hardware to software using the CZ, it was to illustrate the cost comparison for what I get for a throw away $200. i get that it is well possible to get that special hardware but it is in a different ballpark when it comes to cost next to top line soft synths. Going to start working on an inventory to sell as I am working on convincing the Missus that it is time to immigrate….had a gutful of Australia and its cultural void.
I really am going to finish this track….I really am…..maybe

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