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Postby urlwolf; Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:23 pm Bypassing control link in Studio one

I'm unable to send program change with S1.
Such a simple thing, and of such ergonomic importance.

Control link has many advantages, but it makes some simple things incredibly hard. It's like a firewall that isolates the plugins from the hardware.

I want to map a button on my bcr2000 to send midi CC to do program change. After many days, forum posts at presonus, and even support requests (that are fantastically unhelpful)... I still have to use a mouse and click a tiny arrow to change presets.

Studio one has keyboard shortcuts to change presets, but only the 'internal' ones (or when you save a preset from any synth in the S1 format). Reaper for example can change presets on any plugin with arrow keys (better than nothing).

How they (S1) managed to build something that doesn't include this basic feature, I still wonder.

Anyone here has found a workaround?
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Postby lfm; Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:03 am Re: Bypassing control link in Studio one

Presonus have overcomplicated many things regarding midi, as I see it.

I had issues with that it was not enough to arm a track to record midi - to have everything coming in on midi recorded.

a) unless monitor was on - only note on/off were recorded - so note arm for record and monitor on.
b) unless a destination port to hardware that has all midi events checked - also reject midi CC.

So check this last thing - since I'm not at my daw right now.
It's not clear to me if you want it recorded - or only do realtime changes.

Program change and aftertouch often has separate settings in daws - I don't recall for S1 what is the case right now.

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