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It's coming.................................

If it's not about music it belongs here! Please keep it civil and decent.... except - see below->

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7876 posts since 20 Nov, 2003, from Lost and Spaced

Postby osiris; Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:40 am Re: It's coming.................................

Isn't he called Godzooki over here?
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:08 pm Re: It's coming.................................

In the Heisei era, they called him "Godzilla Jr", in the Millenium Era, they called him Minilla in the German translations.
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2585 posts since 2 Jul, 2007, from Oxycontin Acres, Georgia, USA

Postby SODDI; Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:31 pm Re: It's coming.................................

In the pages of Fangoria magazine, he was called "Tadzilla". Purists hated that.
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:15 pm Re: It's coming.................................

Okay, I now know who "Godzooki" was - and that's the stupid cousin of Godzilla in the early animated series.

But... this is not why i'm posting:
The closer we get to the release, the more we see from the Kaiju, the more I'm actually turned off.


It's strange - but somehow I now feel like "Emmerich Godzilla" all over again. Maybe it's because of the lack of mobility from the old Godzilla's - which is part of their charme. But this uber-realism with the Kaiju is actually a turnoff. And my fear with the "glowing monsters" that I had from Pacific Rim... looks like it's happening with LegendaryGodzilla as well.
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1898 posts since 7 Jan, 2005, from Corporate States of America

Postby Jace-BeOS; Thu May 01, 2014 4:08 am Re: It's coming.................................

Is there one single jerkwad trailer editor I can blame the whole image-fadetoblack-image-fadetoblack gimmick on? Is there a law now that all trailers must do this?? The next trailer that apes this fad, I might just skip the movie out of spite. These aren't suspenseful. They're ANNOYING. It's not a teaser, it's an ANNOYER.

Other than that... Oh another crazy big fx blockbuster REMAKE... Meh. I'm not a fan of giant monster movies and don't get into the whole cheesy Godzilla thing (which this fails to be anyway).
- dysamoria.com
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10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Thu May 01, 2014 5:18 am Re: It's coming.................................

Technically - not a remake per se. But a story reboot that picks up where the original Godzilla left off. At least from current looks.

Same happened with the Godzilla Heisei era. Return of Godzilla spawned another parallel universe/timeline and brought back more dark elements. The Millenium Era (starting with Godzilla 2000) spawned yet another parallel timeline - which also incorporated elements of Sentai shows.

This recent Godzilla (2014, or "LegendaryGodzilla") sure seems to be more like "Return of Godzilla", but more gritty. No costumes, no stomped models but CGI.

And this is what's troubling me the most, now that I've seen more about the movie. The Kaiju move too fluently - granted, more realism. But this is what was a major turnoff for me with Godzilla (Emmerich, 1998), on top of the crap look and really cheezy CGI. The monster moved too fluently - it was more like a Raptor than a person that was stuck in a costume, and Godzilla felt more like he had a stick in his butt. Typical Sentai stuff.

Pacific Rim showed that giant robot and monster battles were possible. And it looked somewhat realistic (good lighting, less obvious CGI). What totally killed it for me however, was the fact that the monsters glowed (even their blood), the robots were still shiny, and the movement was also too... I don't know. Maybe the free and often hectic camera movement is also adding to that negative impression.

What we saw so far from Godzilla looks impressive no doubt. But if you know the old Godzilla's and the Emmerich "reimagination" (dare I say "mess"), and take a look at how Godzilla (alone) moves, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

My initial hype turned down to more like a "meh". Still want to see it tough. But my expectations are definitely different now.
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7876 posts since 20 Nov, 2003, from Lost and Spaced

Postby osiris; Fri May 02, 2014 4:40 am Re: It's coming.................................

I saw the trailer in HD on TV last night, and that's not the creature glowing, it's sparks from when it hits the concrete.
I still can't wait. It looks incredible.
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Fri May 02, 2014 3:58 pm Re: It's coming.................................

Dunno, I watched all recent trailers again.

Godzilla's movement is what's bugging me. On top of that... he always seems to be lighted in some sort of way, that let's him stand out from the rest of the environment. The camera movements are distracting (I think the still cameras in earlier movies is what made him more menacing).

I have to see it all in context. But this is my main issue with CGI creatures added to realistic environments in all movies these days. Only a few studios can pull that off with all types of lighting. And IMO, that's mostly only WETA with SciFi stuff, not necessarily "The Hobbit".

ILM is mostly overdoing it - unless it's in bright areas.

This is what's bugging me currently. Maybe it will be a decent flick. But like I wrote earlier... I miss the stick in the butt - so to speak.
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Sun May 04, 2014 3:50 pm Re: It's coming.................................

Time for some more Godzilla itsh!


Also take note of the sidebar (with more short clips).

It does look impressive, but the CGI and green screen is still glaring into your face. I really, really hope this movie is not disappointing. I don't want to waste 15 quids on a forced 3D view due to an English dub (pretty much all movies these days are 3D only, funk!). Especially since the next 6 weeks, some more movies are on my radar (X-Men, Edge of Tomorrow/All you need is kill, maybe I can even still catch Transcendence or I just wait for the BD release).
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7876 posts since 20 Nov, 2003, from Lost and Spaced

Postby osiris; Mon May 05, 2014 4:33 am Re: It's coming.................................

One thing I notice, having a 3D TV. Special effects that look crap in 2D look spectacular in 3D. I notice there is a kind of super crispness to the edges that just really stands out in 2D. I think maybe this is on purpose for the 3D.
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Mon May 05, 2014 9:35 am Re: It's coming.................................

Like I said, 3D gives me headaches, and even 2D->3D looks like Pharalax Paper Figurines.

And... I've just seen a couple of trailers for upcoming movies - in German. And man are they aweful! It's as if German dubs are only made as fast as possible, without proper acting these days. Years ago, I had the chance to dive into that business (or at least take a peek). But recent dubs are so bad, it's not even funny anymore. I mean... "How to Train your Dragon" - even the names of the dragons are translated, and none of them make sense or are hard to speak out, not to mention that half of the cast are "comedy actors" yet again, with a very crap accent.

So it's pretty much set in stone: X-Men, Godzilla, Lucy (was the best of the German dubbed ones) maybe even "Fault in our Stars"... all will be watched in English. And since most English movies are only screened in 3D over here... 15quids plus snacks.

At least I already converted some Real3D glasses into 2D ones.
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7876 posts since 20 Nov, 2003, from Lost and Spaced

Postby osiris; Mon May 05, 2014 9:42 am Re: It's coming.................................

Lol. I guess it's like when I saw Will & Grace dubbed into Dutch on TV in Amsterdam. OMG.
Whoever they got to do Jack's voice was WAY off the mark...
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Mon May 05, 2014 10:33 am Re: It's coming.................................

Just for comparison:


You can hear the German Brian Cranston, Ken Watanabe (worse accent than in Last Samurai, and that one is actually good in German).

Then in German:

and also this one:

Take note of Brian Cranston's movie wife. The worst acting I've heard in a while.

And if you want to top that, ride sidebar: Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht (How to Train your Dragon). The better ones are indeed: X-Men - Zukunft ist Vergangenheit (Days of Future Past), Lucy, Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter (Fault in our Stars). Also took me a while to get used to Tom Cruise's new voice years ago, but it's actually fairly good now: http://youtu.be/nSjKGn_ZWQk - still, the voices in direct comparison to the English version is crap.

If you have the chance, do a direct comparison with "Battlestar Galactica" (the reimagined). English dub has accents, low voice (part of the character), cousing (Frack, translated in German into "damn"). Watch the German version - all of that gone. Ratatouille - loved it in English, German... forced accents. "Frozen" - great english dub, German version: Hape Kerkeling (a German comedian) as Iceman Olaf - voice doesn't even fit.

Worst offender I've ever seen: Over the Hedge... great cast in English. In German it was completely switched in favor for comedian actors. Couldn't even stand 2 minutes of it.

I also had to get used to the lower voices of Ben Browder and Scott Bakula after seeing (and hearing) them in English for the first time.

There is(!) good dubbing work out there, especially in the animated realm. But that turned really rare these days.
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7876 posts since 20 Nov, 2003, from Lost and Spaced

Postby osiris; Tue May 06, 2014 4:42 am Re: It's coming.................................

I always watch movies with subtitles. This worked well in Europe, especially in Amsterdam. I know French, I know Spanish, but Dutch might as well have been Martian.
I would watch US movies on TV and pay attention to the Dutch subtitles. That way I could parse out common phrases so I could talk to people and not sound like an idiot. It works.

And it's like Oldboy. I've seen it in original form and dubbed and the original version is WAY better because the voice fits what the actors doing.
10969 posts since 18 Oct, 2003, from Berlin, Germany

Postby Compyfox; Tue May 20, 2014 7:24 am Re: It's coming.................................

Tonight I'll put 3D cinemas to the test. I just ordered a seat at out local "English version" cinema. I'll probably pay 11quids for the seat alone (no IMAX, that's just too much for me), maybe 1 EUR for the 3D glasses (though I bring along my own ones, a 3D one and a modded 2D one - just in case), and a couple of bucks for snacks - so I expect like 20EUR for this ride.

It'll be the late night screening - all the better, less trouble at the cinema (less talking and throwing popcorn!), more space (spaaaaaaace!), more sound impact (that cinema was recently upgraded to Auro3D! Though sadly I don't think that the movie will be screened in this standard).

I'm actually curious about both the sound and the visual effects. Not to mention the story of course. If it's really rebooting Godzilla or picking up post the first Godzilla from the 50ies. I hope I can hold my curiosity off of various wikia's until then. Unfortunately a lot of cinema pages already spoiled half of the storyline in their description.

Then again - funk that. I want to see Godzilla's atomic ray, and I want to feel his massiveness on the big screen, I want to see one(!!!) Godzilla on the bigscreen for once. Oh and btw... Japan fans already said "he's too fat!".

I'll see what's up in like 5:30 hours (screening will be at 22:50).

If I can stand 3D movies at this length, maybe I'll take a ride on "All you need is kill" (er I mean: Edge of Tomorrow) next - which will hit 29th May. Maybe even X-Men in between. Depends on how much funds I got for this month. Pretty much missed Transcendence (it's screened in 2D now as original version) and Cap'n America: Winter Soldier. So those have to wait until the BluRay rental.

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