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Postby mesaphlin; Wed May 14, 2014 8:30 am Guitar Rig Hardware Pedal On A Vsti

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about using a Clavinet Vsti with actual hardware Wah Pedal but the latency problem between hardware and software communication changed my mind.

Two days ago, An idea popped up in my mind. I don't know if it would work. That's why I am asking your opinions about it.

Is it possible that using Native Instruments' Guitar Rig Pedal Hardware with Clavinet Software?

Let me put it this way...:

I am thinking to insert the Clavinet into a Track and then insert the Guitar Rig Vst effect next to Clavinet. And the Guitar Rig effect is gonna be only Wah effect so whenever I play the Clavinet and using the pedal of Guitar Rig Hardware, the wah wah infused sound would come alive.

Am I right so far?

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Postby JCJR; Wed May 14, 2014 9:05 am Re: Guitar Rig Hardware Pedal On A Vsti

Though the guitar rig idea sounds workable, I haven't a clue how it would work out.

Am just curious if you have tried the hardware wah pedal and definively ruled it out as unworkable?

When recording audio tracks, sequencers can typically compensate for latency regardless of buffer size. Even if the buffer size is large and the thru delay horrible, you can overdub a vocal or guitar or whatever and most sequencers will properly line up the new tracks with the old.

So, if you first record your midi clavinet track, connect the track to the vst clav. Then route the clav track to a spare audio output on the interface, run it thru your wah pedal, record a new track of you getting funky on the pedal, processing the clav track. That new wah processed track ought to be lined up with everything else, no thru latency.

Another possibility-- If your keyboard has an expression pedal, especially if you can program it to send an "innocuous" controller number ordinarily ignored by a synthesizer. Just saying, maybe it would be distracting to record pumping the pedal sending cc7 volume messages.

Depending on your sequencer's editing capabilities, you might be able to map the recorded cc's into an automation track to control the knob in a wahwah vst plugin. Or if your clav synth has a filter with resonance, map the pedal to modulate the vst synth filter freq. Thataway you could play the notes and pedal movements in the same take, monitor in real time while recording (with only single thru latency, rather than double thru latency).
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Postby RunBeerRun; Wed May 14, 2014 6:14 pm Re: Guitar Rig Hardware Pedal On A Vsti

As JCJR said you should be able to use its output CC into a wah of choice. I've never heard specifically of that pedal outputting cc, but how else could it possibly work? I guess look for it in the manual, or just make it a midi input and try host learning.
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