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Postby A_SN; Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:21 am Re: I dropped out of HS to pursue electronic music

Of course it is foolish to drop out of school to make electronic music (because you won't make a red cent, unless you want to be a DJ in a nightclub I guess, but that's kind of different), but for certain careers there are ways to get to do what you want and it doesn't matter if you've even completed high school.

When I tried to get into the workforce I want to work as a developer, but no one wanted to hear about it, I didn't have any degree nor any relevant work experience and nothing to show for it. So I gave up looking for a job and made Photosounder, and just because then I had something to show that I was able to make an entire program I then had a job interview in which the interviewer had seen it and the only question I was asked was if I thought I could work for their project, I said yes and I had the job right away, no technical questions asked, and no one cared what schools I had been to. I didn't have any degree or any relevant work at a company, and I wasn't much older than anyone else who just got his BS in computer science, but no fresh graduate would have had it that easy because while a degree is better than no degree it doesn't vouch for much of your marketable skills, not in the way completing a whole project does.

The point is there's a lot of professions where degrees and relevant job experience aren't so much strict requirements as they just are ways to vouch for what you can do, and there are better ways than degrees and previous job titles (because it doesn't tell whether you're great or mediocre at your job) to vouch for what you can do, you can also directly show what you can do by just doing what you want to show you can do in a way that can be showed, and that's worth a lot more than a degree (obviously not in professions where diplomas are a strict requirement, you can't give yourself knee surgery hoping to become a surgeon). Although if you go that route what you've learnt in high school won't have the sole purpose of getting you degrees but rather become directly useful in your job, in my case I have to solve equations and use trigonometry a lot more than I ever did in school, so if anything should make you rethink whether or not to drop out it's whether or not you've learnt enough in school to make it on your own.

The other option obviously is to do something where you can cut out the middleman of the employer and directly make and sell a product or services. Not that any of this really applies to OP, his post history is just a bad omen. Go back to school OP, it's not too late.
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Postby SampleScience; Fri May 16, 2014 12:59 pm Re: I dropped out of HS to pursue electronic music

Good thread! It took me 4 hours to read the whole thing (it's my day off). :P

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