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Ninjam jam (nice guitar solo)

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Postby pljones; Thu May 22, 2014 1:12 pm Ninjam jam (nice guitar solo)

I'd forgotten about this set until I was going through the automatic saves that NINJAM takes to find anything worth keeping. A little gem.
http://www.drealm.info/ninjam/20140511- ... e-anon.mp3

Drums: me, I think it's ns_kit7
Keys: Doublebass
Bass: ste
Guitar: anon

Mix: me, Audacity (noise removal, high/low pass filters, varying degrees of compression, normalised to -6dB), rendered from Reaper
Mastering: me, Audacity (gentle compression), LAMEv3 for MP3 encoding
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Postby seismic1; Fri May 23, 2014 5:40 pm Re: Ninjam jam (nice guitar solo)

Yeah. That is a nice guitar solo. I think this is one of the best NINJAM pieces you have posted. I like the the drums/piano/bass too. It seems a lot tighter than some of the earlier tracks I've heard. Was it a case of the musicians becoming comfortable with the method of recording, or is a completely different set of co-conspirators present here? Whatever the answer, I really enjoyed this one. The recording/mix sounded great too.

Good work :)
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5701 posts since 8 Feb, 2003, from London, UK

Postby pljones; Sat May 24, 2014 1:24 am Re: Ninjam jam (nice guitar solo)

Thanks :)

I'm starting to be a little more adventurous generally with audacity - the one thing I've found helps hugely is the "rinsing" out of the mud with the noise removal and filtering: good sounds get clearer. It does need care, though and I'm glad my headphones are nice flat response ones with good high and low ends... I just hope my ears are as good ;).

Keeping the -6dB headroom per track... Well, the general ninjam jam levels are a bit of a mess to be honest - clipping from one player whilst another is at -24dB peak at extremes (not in this case, mind you) - so I habitually now try to normalise things before mixing. -6dB means I'm less likely to need to cut levels in Reaper.

The compression part is probably the hardest -- prejudging how a track will sound in the mix and what I'm wanting to hear. I generally go for keeping "some" dynamics whilst killing the wildest outliers - works better on some instruments than others. Sometimes I'll pan stuff in Reaper to get separation on tracks that would muddy each other too much, too.

I was tighter on the drums than I often am. A good day. Maybe the free-form experimental stuff I've been playing more has meant my timing is less sloppy when I try? Who knows... There's actually still quite a lot of tension in the timing across ste, me and Doublebass - I guess mostly due to the ninjam effect - but it sounds like we each just caught any errors and corrected after a pause, rather than trying to play through them and throwing each other, and that does help. It's a tricky balance not to lose feeling yet stay tight. Some days things just don't gel and chaos reigns. Others, there's a cross-temporal psychic link or something! Or maybe it shows we were all aware of the click.

anon's feel across the whole "backing group" whilst playing was great and the guitar shifts away from solo to a co-player really well, too. There's just that magic feeling.

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