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Volca mods wishlist

...and how to do so...

Moderators: justin3am, Hink, Moderators (Main)

2086 posts since 12 Jun, 2004

Postby mztk; Thu May 29, 2014 10:00 am Volca mods wishlist

somewhere to collect a few ideas for mods on these things?

Darren Glen has provided the C78 104cap mod for the 808 snare,
some mods for the Toms and BD (he's the guy who rebuilt a MFB522
as an 808 in a bigger x0xbox case, impressive project! :clap: )

and he's recently put up a demo where he gets at the VCAs on the
Volca Bass, as well as a distortion. this means each osc could receive
amplitude CV from? another EG? an LFO? some sort of accent generator?
maybe with an insert input or something.

looking at the Keys - which has automatic tuning?- you find yourself wishing
you could octave down/up the whole thing sometimes. any way this could be
achieved? not necessary if you're playing it via MIDI, but useful if
just using the boxes.

the Beats needs more volume on all voices that are not BD/TOM
or as many indiv outs as possible.
(do i need to firmware update it? saw mention of an update mode+a wav file)
maybe some kind of pitch EG input/control for voices - could a simple EG
be made from very few components? like a trig+capacitor. you could do
interesting accents like this with trigger in from another drum machine.
a small amount of pitchEG could give an accent, instead of volume.

or? audio>trig device, like a sidechain.
2086 posts since 12 Jun, 2004

Postby mztk; Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:03 pm Re: Volca mods wishlist

no takers on this so far?

ok, so i had a look inside the Keys this morning.
no need, cz the photos are all online.. intrigued by
the waveform outputs, lots - that's the LFO too, i s'pose.

but why VCF out? pre VCA...? what's that for then..
would be good if it had VCF in: take the signals out,
patch'em somehow and send 'em back in...

picture modded volcas able to repatch between each
other in the modular sense, sending triggers, waveform,

looks like public curiosity for modding them has slowed down
a lot: looked on Korgforum/muffwiggler/gearslutz/etc.
nothing much new lately, and no-one exploiting (or telling)
about these supplied connection points. so what has korg
got in mind for them?

i'd like to get more indy outputs from Beats, but it doesn't
look like they be taken out of the main mix, and don't completely
separate each sound, they are groups. would be good if you inserted
the indiv jack, bypassing the main out, like on the tr606 indiv out mod.

Moderators: justin3am, Hink, Moderators (Main)

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