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Volca mods wishlist


Postby mztk; Thu May 29, 2014 10:00 am Volca mods wishlist

somewhere to collect a few ideas for mods on these things?
C78 104mf cap mod for the 808 snare,
some mods for the Toms and BD by Darren Glen/Blackout

now indiv VCA control on the Volca Bass, as well as a distortion.

this means each osc could receive amplitude CV from?
another EG? an LFO? some sort of accent generator?
maybe with an insert input or something.

more tuning on Keys?

the Beats needs more volume on all voices that are not BD/TOM
or as many indiv outs as possible.
(do i need to firmware update it? saw mention of an update mode+a wav file,
my Bass is around serial#4000, Beats #8000-odd)

maybe some kind of pitch EG input/control for voices - could a simple EG
be made from very few components?
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Postby mztk; Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:03 pm Re: Volca mods wishlist

but why VCF out? pre VCA...?
would be good if it had VCF in.

i'd like to get more indy outputs from Beats, but it doesn't
look like they'd be taken out of the main mix, and don't completely
separate each sound, they are groups. would be good if you inserted
the indiv jack, bypassing the main out, like on the tr606 indiv out mod.
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Postby mztk; Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:45 am Re: Volca mods wishlist

trigger outs on the Beats would be good:
build trig modules, add trigger inputs to things
like dr110 etc.

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