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Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

Anything about MUSIC but doesn't fit into the forums above.

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Postby codec_spurt; Fri May 30, 2014 6:22 pm Re: Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

VariKusBrainZ wrote:Im in Bristol, guitar bass player with some gear, into anything from Napalm Death to Boards of Canada.
But Im middle aged and grumpy.
I play by ear but I think Im not bad at jamming.

Where would this be, what sort of music etc

Know a few bods in Bristol.

Butchery and murder.


Subject Matter

Whilst the Irish Republican themes in "Sad Affair" are well publicised, Marxman lyrics also considered themes such as domestic violence with their 1993 single "All About Eve", and comparing the African slave trade and the colonisation of Ireland to modern wage slavery in "Ship Ahoy".

Although once touted as the Anglo-Irish answer to Public Enemy,[2] the group met with little commercial success, despite working with a number of high-profile musicians, collaborating with James McNally of The Pogues and having Sinéad O'Connor as guest vocalist on the single "Ship Ahoy".[1] They also supported U2 and Depeche Mode on their respective Zoo TV and Devotional tours. They are however considered to have been forerunners of the trip hop genre alongside bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead,[2] and contributed to the establishment of the "Bristol sound".[4]
tapper mike
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Postby tapper mike; Sat May 31, 2014 9:33 am Re: Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

If you come into the premise that you will work for free. Congrats you are a slave. Even slaves had food and a roof over their heads. A business when considering to have a band perform does so under the premise that the band will bring an audience thus increasing nightly revenue over not having a band. Giving your time and energy away for nothing not only diminishes the value of what you do it diminishes the value of what live performers who devote their lives to music.

The only times I ever worked for free was during (blues/jazz) jams, As someone who would sit in. The regular band would still get paid. Sitting in meant going up on stage doing your 5 songs then stepping down. It was very good for networking (meeting others who you might want to join a band) or for a test run before doing paid gigs. It worked out very well for me and many others. As I eventually joined the band that got regular gigs AND hosted a blues jam of our own.

Part of the problem of not making money as a gigging musician is because musicians expect less of themselves and venue's take them for granted.

Smart bar owners don't care if they like the music you play or not. They care about sales and local ordinances. Bar owners rarely will work nights they have managers for that. The do read the sales reports. How much of what is sold and when those sales occur. If the crowd is full and drinking great. If not then maybe you won't get a call back or maybe some other bar owner looking for a reference will find out how badly you bombed and decide it's not worth it to hire you.

When a bar owner or manager tells you it's too f**king loud. They mean it's too f**king loud. I have witnessed this for myself, where cops come in because of a disturbing the peace call is made and the bar gets shut down and the bar gets a huge fine. I've also seen people walk out of bars because they came for a quite relaxing atmosphere not to be bombarded by the band who thinks that playing louder equates to playing better.
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Postby thecontrolcentre; Sat May 31, 2014 9:43 am Re: Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

There are some other venues opening up too if this goes good. Which it probably won't. I imagine it will be a disaster. If we come out of it with what's left of our equipment and our digit fingers, it will have been a good night. I suspect it won't.
You make it sound so attractive ... no money and your gear will get trashed or stolen. Can't wait ...
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Postby taoyoyo; Sat May 31, 2014 5:27 pm Re: Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

I just wanted to add this to the mix...

3832 posts since 13 Oct, 2009

Postby ghettosynth; Sat May 31, 2014 8:51 pm Re: Looking for quality musicians that can live gig in the West Country

fluffy_little_something wrote:Talk Talk was one great band, lot's of good tracks like Renee, Have you heard the news, etc.

Indeed. The "It's My Life" album was great and that was really all about them until recent years when I discovered that they had kept going, only getting better. I picked up some of their newer work.

I really like "Laughing Stock", and, while I don't think that it always matters so much, youtube does a number on the sound, it's much better sounding, in person, so to speak. Still, the vocals sound good when they come in.


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