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Why do people even buy Samplitude?

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Postby Top-L; Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:33 pm Re: Why do people even buy Samplitude?

I have been using Samplitude since 7 and am on 11.2.1 Pro. I bought in with a crossgrade and seem to buy every other upgrade.

Recently I purchased Sonar X3 because the UI appears brilliant (imo) and they bundle it with Melodyne, ARA Integration, Addictive Drums 2, and other plugins.

Sonar X3 works well for simple tasks, but I'm finding that some of the things I took for granted in Samplitude are not well implemented in X3. For instance tempo mapping and Elastic Audio, which they call Audiosnap.

Also, the transport, looping, markers, tempo changes in Samp are seamless and the program has a very fluid feel to it, where Sonar is not as fluid. I'm still trying to adapt my workflow to Sonar X3, but already found a couple things I can't do well that I rely upon in Samplitude. In fact, Samplitudes Midi editor is brilliant compared to Sonar's which is supposed to be it's stong suit.

Buying Sonar has made me really appreciate Samplitude. However, my desire to switch to something else stems from a couple things. With the price restructure, I am forced to buy ProX just to keep 64bit versions of the AM-suite tools and compatibility with 64bit machine and plugs. I would normally upgrade on v13, but then I lose my Am-suite. I think they should have taken better care of their "pro" users. Also the lack of documentation and the small user community is mostly pro and doing different things than me.

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