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Kalamata Kid
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Postby Kalamata Kid; Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:24 am Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

$40 at Walmart and Musicians Friend.
https://www.google.com/search?q=ilok&oq ... lok+dongle
$32 at ebay
http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-iLok-2-USB- ... SwCU1YteIF
Oooops that is V2
Less anywhere else?

I will shorty be installing my PSP plugins so I need
to find the lowest priced iLok or Pace.

Apparently my Cubase elicenser will not work.

Edit: I have an iLok and Shareit account but this isn't enough for PSP?
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Postby MogwaiBoy; Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:33 pm Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

Just an iLok (software) account I believe... for their newer iLok-only stuff and from here on out. You still download the installers from the user area of their website as per normal.
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Postby MogwaiBoy; Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:25 am Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

Email from PSP: VintageWarmer2 has been updated and has gone iLok
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Postby tovokas; Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:20 am Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

The explanation they provide is the first I've heard about the expense and challenge of keeping your own authentication system working across OS upgrades. (Full reveal: I really like PSP, love their plugins, and almost reflexively try to support small shops that consistently put out great stuff. Wish they were just part of the Plugin Alliance who have an excellent system). Here's the full text:

"We understand that feelings run high about the PACE authorization system, because so many audio plug-in use it. We did not make this decision lightly, and we wanted to explain our reasons to you.

Authorization and copy protection is a pain not only for every legitimate user but also for us - developers. For the last couple of months, problems with our in-house authorization system has been our main cause for support requests, especially on macOS. It seems every OS update brought us new hassles and headaches. We are not a large company with dedicated support staff and programmers who just deal with authorization code; it was getting to the point that trying to keep our authorization system working was taking time away from PSP Audioware’s real mission: developing professional audio processors. We went looking for what technology is out there that other audio plug-in companies are using. The undeniable truth is that a lot of audio companies use PACE technology successfully. They’ve improved the speed at which they support updates to Windows and macOS considerably over the years. Many professionals in the audio world already have iLok accounts with hundreds of licenses that they use without issue so choosing PACE seemed the most seamless and trouble free option.

Our main goal is for this transition to be as seamless as possible to our customers, thus:
* All forthcoming updates to existing plug-ins and new plug-ins in the future will use PACE. Versions of software available prior to this announcement will continue to use our in-house authorization system
* We won't change our prices to pass our extra costs onto our users.
* We intend to keep our license support as direct as before.
* We will allow license transfers after initial approval without charging you the PACE license transfer fee.
* We do NOT require you to use iLok hardware dongle - you can select hard drive authorization if you prefer.
* For your convenience you can activate your license in three separate locations, each of which can be either a computer or an iLok key (2nd generation or above).

The transition of all our authorizations to PACE will take time, and we appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our user community as we make these changes."
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Postby MogwaiBoy; Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:35 pm Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

It's official, VintageWarmer2 is now iLok'd

We are pleased to inform that a new version of PSP VintageWarmer2 (2.7.0) has been officially released. The update is free for all registered users. In order to activate the new version of the PSP VintageWarmer2 plug-in you need an iLok user ID which you can create for free at www.ilok.com, and you need to install the free iLok License Manager application. A hardware USB iLok dongle is NOT required, however it is optional. You still get access to the old version of the plug-in with the old authorisation system thru your account at our user area.

- added VST3 format
- added 30 day demo period
- Added “bulb” icon to the preset bar. It enables/disables hints
- Preferences storage supports SandBoxed Hosts (Logic, Garage Band, etc…)
- added alternative scale for MicroWarmer’s meters (change scale by clicking meter)

- Updated needles animation
- Updated edit boxes
- Updated scroll response of all controls
- Updated double click response for RearPanel knobs
- Knobs reset to default also while holding Alt key (for ProTools and LogicPro users)
- Authorization is now supported by PACE
- Supports latest Operating Systems (Windows 10, macOS Sierra)
- Graphics engine improved

- Various minor bugfixes
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Postby Wanterkeelt; Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:47 am Re: Eh. Psp going back to PACE.

I don't have any problem with the transition to Ilok, but it would be great if they included in those future Ilok transition updates a bigger GUI for some of their plugins, like PSP85 and the Lexicon, N2O, etc.

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