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Postby miketurn; Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:17 pm VSTHost - Midi Controller Questions

I have two more questions regarding using Midi Controllers within VSTHost.

1.) The first one is my question, which is, is there a way to map a midi parameter to your pitch wheel?
I have been able to get a mod wheel to work perfectly.
When I try to do this with the pitch wheel it does link the parameter but still also performs pitch bends.
I am working on so many different things at the moment, I cannot think of how to turn off the pitch bend so that just the linked parameter is controlled.

2.) The next question I have is for a friend of mine, which is....
Say you have a midi controller that has "endless encoders" knobs, is there a way to assign one parameter from multiple VST effects to one (the same) "endless encoder" knob, but when you adjust that knob it will only adjust the assigned parameter of the VST module or GUI window that currently has the focus. Currently if you assign a parameter from each VST, in more than one effect, to the same midi controller knob, when you adjust that knob on your midi controller it will move all the parameters in each effect all at the same time.

I don't have any "endless encoders" personally, but I tried this out with a mod wheel, and it does the same thing he is experiencing where when I move the mod wheel it will adjust any parameter linked to it in each effect all at the same time, not specific to just the current window that has focus.

If anyone has any answers, please share.
Thank You
155 posts since 22 Jun, 2015

Postby miketurn; Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:07 am Re: VSTHost - Midi Controller Questions

No one?
Just wondering if anyone has any information to share.
If not specifically in VSTHost then maybe how you achieve this in other software may offer a solution for this, in VSTHost.

Thank You
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Postby Syntilla; Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:27 am Re: VSTHost - Midi Controller Questions

Wow - 3 weeks!
Sadly, most members who actually have a clue (about anything much) have long since abandoned KVR.
Was a time Hermann himself would have been here to advise ...
(He doesn't even frequent his own forum much these days, though I guess you could try posting there: http://forum.hermannseib.com/index.php)

I don't have any 'solutions' to offer, but maybe some suggestions for things to try:

1) I don't have this issue - assuming you're assigning the PB wheel with VSTHost's parameter mapping (rather than the plugin's own), it should automatically block it from reaching the vst directly.
You could try the Midi Filter settings - click the MIDI indicator on the plug's icon, select Filter Settings, Pitch Bend, OK, Apply.
Are you using the latest version of VSTHost? Do you have the same issue with older versions? The latest Beta (http://www.hermannseib.com/programs/beta/)?
If you think it's an actual bug, let Hermann know! You'd be amazed how quickly he normally fixes these things.

2) Don't know about 'the window that has focus' - I use a control surface precisely so that I don't have to use the mouse.
But I achieve much the same effect you want by assigning each plugin to a different channel, then using a midi filter plugin (eg Kalensky's Kx-Midi-Filter http://kx77free.free.fr/English-page.html) to switch channels/plugins (using parameter mapping to automate that, too).

Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier - I rarely visit any more, so didn't see it.
None of the really dumb people I knew when I was young are young any more.
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Postby miketurn; Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:17 pm Re: VSTHost - Midi Controller Questions

Ahh, thank you for responding, I thought I was on my own with this one :)
Even though you say you don't have the solutions, I think maybe at least for my question #1 you did.
Turns out when I thought about it more, really my question #1 and my friends question #2 are quite similar. I do however have a couple questions if you have a little time.


Your solution for my question #1 worked, but what is strange is you mention you could not replicate what I was experiencing. So maybe I could explain better, say you have the following chain....
Synth - Effect - Out
When I go into the "Effect" and use VSTHost's "MIDI > Parameter" button to map my hardware midi controllers PB wheel to a parameter it does successfully, but the PB wheel still functions as a PB in the synth, changing the synths pitch (if I have the built in Virtual Midi Keyboard visible at the bottom of VSTHost it shows the wheel moving)
A.) This does not happen for you?
B.) Per your recommendation though, using the Midi Filter worked to successfully unlink the pitch bend parameter from the PB wheel in the "Synth" module from my chain example above.
Now that you have my example, would this still be the way you would unlink pitch bend of the PB wheel? This would mean that you have to unlink the PB wheel from the pitch bend parameter, per each specific instrument module, as opposed to a global removal?
155 posts since 22 Jun, 2015

Postby miketurn; Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:04 pm Re: VSTHost - Midi Controller Questions

I actually have that plugin you mention and have never used it, unlike all the other 345,000 plugins
that I have that I use all the time :hihi:
Yeah, I guess my friends approach was more of a hybrid mouse / midi controller solution.
Where you would click on the modules GUI and your midi controller would only work within that focused windows parameters.
I think I understand what you are saying, but could you just verify if I am correct.
A.) So you link each effect / instrument to a different midi channel, where within that specific midi channel you set the parameters to your hardware controller, and then use the KX77 plugin to allow you to select between channels which you link the midi filter parameter from the KX77 to your controller as well to be able to scroll through the channels up and down?
B.) If this is correct, how do you remember what channels are linked to what effect / instrument?

Sorry for all these questions, once I hear all these settings that you mention that I am unaware of, I get curious. Sometimes I run into people on forums that I wish I could watch how they work for a little while, just to pickup some work flow tips.

You don't have to answer these if you don't have the time, as mentioned your recommendation worked.
Thank You again for all your help.

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