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Which lossless version you prefer

I use MP3 with high bitrates (eg. 320kbs)
I use AAC with high bitrates
I don't use a lossy format, I use Flac or Wav
I'm only the gardener and have no idea what you speaking about
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Postby starflakeprj; Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:42 pm Re: AAC or MP3 - which version you prefer?

Thanks guys, learning new things here :) I was thinking of OGG Vorbis when I mentioned OGG, as I thought it was just OGG for short. Didn't know it was a container.

Anyway, Opus sounds interesting, even though it doesn't seem to be developed with music in mind?
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Postby PurpleSunray; Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:37 pm Re: AAC or MP3 - which version you prefer?

starflakeprj wrote:Anyway, Opus sounds interesting, even though it doesn't seem to be developed with music in mind?

AAC isn't neither. :P
Vorbis was Xiph's answer to MPEG1 Layer3 (mp3).
Opus was Xiph's answer to MPEG4 AAC.
WMA was MS answer to .. a questsion nobody asked :hihi:
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Postby cron; Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:47 pm Re: AAC or MP3 - which version you prefer?

PurpleSunray wrote:
Opus is essentially the next generation version of ogg

Opus is an audio codec, ogg is a container format. You can also pack Vorbis or Speex into an ogg.
Don't mix it up ;)

Ahh, yeah that's a clanger! I've never used Speex, so I've always just known Vorbis as 'ogg' since I never used the container for anything else. I like to say I'm pretty knowledgeable about this kind of thing, but I was under the impression that DisplayPort was just Apple's fancy name for monitor ports rather than a standard in itself until about 2 years ago, so maybe not :P

Opus is an interesting one, but more for keeping bandwidth costs down rather than pure quality for me. My home connection doesn't have a data limit, whereas I'm still wary of streaming things on my mobile connection because it can chew through my fairly conservative 4GB limit in no time. For storage, I haven't even moved on from MP3 as an on-the-go format because v0/320 is perfectly transparent to me. There's a grand total of once I've been able to reliably ABX a V0 MP3, and that came down a single pre-echoed transient on one of my own tracks which rapidly cuts from silence to white noise. If we lay out my music collection encoded as mp3 at that quality level end-to-end, there must be a few month's worth of continuous audio there, and I found a single unacceptable artifact in it lasting 10 milliseconds.
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Postby legendCNCD; Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:49 am Re: AAC or MP3 - which version you prefer?

MP3 and FLAC are seen everywhere, I've not seen AAC for years and I'd like to keep it that way ;)
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Postby yellowmix; Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:28 pm Re: AAC or MP3 - which version you prefer?

Depends on context and type of music. Streaming compressed pop music when I'm walking around the city and there are jackhammers and cars? No problem. Classical music on the go? FLAC on the SD card. Listening to jazz at home? We're talking DSD at this point.

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