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Hexeract By Auddict

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Postby tatanka; Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:42 am Re: Hexeract By Auddict

Hope the 1.0 (not the 1.0X beta) with the 500 presets etc. will be out before Drums of the Deep III........

Sorry if this sounds cynical but I just cant understand how you could so generally change the policy in between really finished, polished and (compared to the quality) low or at least midrange prized kontakt libs and throwing out what was (if at all) a beta for 100 $...

If it has not been AUDDICT !!! I would never have done this. For me AUDDICT=Quality, finished, great. If for you it has been just a tryout (lets see if we could program a synth...), why not (for example) bring out a time limited beta demo and let this grow over a year and then sell something that is a least near to a 1.0 ?
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Postby Auddict-audio; Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:48 am Re: Hexeract By Auddict

As stated in the previous post, version 1.0.2 will be out in two weeks, with many new features and presets, and it goes without saying that we won’t be shifting our efforts to another major project such as Drums of the Deep III before then.

Hexeract was released as a finished product, and did exactly what we intended very well – expand the manipulation possibilities of natural sounding sampled instruments, in a multi-voice/unison environment (very important that with multi voices, you can randomise-phase/sample start by increasing s.mod, to avoid phasing and make a thicker, more lush sound).

We did initially go down the road of patch-building videos instead of immediately releasing a complete manual (an oversight on our part, partially with our sample-library background to blame, as usually a few videos are enough to demo the instrument and show how to use it) – so many of these features and capabilities may be tricky to discover, or hidden from the surface. A 50+ page manual will be released with v1.0.2 detailing all functionality along with examples. (two weeks time)

Upon release, we received many feature suggestions and requests, and were more than happy to implement many of these. Just because we tailored the instrument to do a certain thousand things, doesn’t mean we don’t want to push it to do another thousand things, and beyond this update, we will continue to add features, content, and see where else we can take things. An instrument can be finished, but in a way can also never be finished, because there is always something you can add to it!

The update will of course contain bug fixes for all currently known bugs – and this is just an inevitable part of releasing a piece of software, but Hexeract is running very smoothly – we’re testing in all DAWs we are aware of and successfully running multiple instances.
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Postby tatanka; Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:09 am Re: Hexeract By Auddict

If you state that Hexeract 1.0 has the same finished product quality then Drums of the Deep II (as one example) and evrything after that is just a voluntary addon it is of course your right to see it that way. And that evrything with announcements and selling the way you did was absolutely right the way you did it.

My experience was a totally different one. But that discussion leads nowhere, so I just hope that with 1.02 roads might come a little closer and that the 300 missing presets will follow soon.

Too not get missunderstood: I think the concept of the instrument is really marvellous and unique and yes, it has a thousand possibilities. And your doing the best to bring things forward. For me the 1.0 just was not a finished version (which has been admitted in other forums quite frankly by some of your devellopers) in that price segment.

Really looking forward to the 1.02.....
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Michael L
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Postby Michael L; Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:33 am Re: Hexeract By Auddict

Hexeract = Six Parallel Universes.gif
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829 posts since 12 Jan, 2014

Postby tatanka; Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:43 am Re: Hexeract By Auddict


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