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I've got Avenger and thats good for some sound FX, but is there some freeware / cheap synth vst that does good laser shots etc?
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DJ Warmonger
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Any that has resonanace :shrug: It's more of a sound design question I guess?
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(little) spiral generator
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I'd say either the Lokomotiv or Lucid, both free VST synths. I haven't fiddled much with either, though.
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Pretty much every synth can do laser shots, all you need is an envelope generator.
Use the envelope to pull pitch of osc from high to low. Will give you 'pew pew' sound.
If you want to make it even more laser, add a filter with resonance and modulate it in reverese to the pitch.
i.e. if pitch goes down, HP filter goes up. Gives a strong hit at start (HP filter cut is low, pitch is high => filter has no effect) and then fade out (pitch goes low, HP filter cutoff goes high => filter reduces signal).
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Mister Natural
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sorry but "good" and "lazer shots" are mutually exclusive - an oxymoron
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Mister Natural wrote:sorry but "good" and "lazer shots" are mutually exclusive - an oxymoron

lol what kind of comment is this?
Watch Starwars or any other multi-mio-$$$ sci-fy blockbuster. You tell me that their space fights (including lasers) do not sound good?
I disagree, the cheap saw-with-pitch-envelope used on the homebrew dubstep track does not sound good, right... but the main weapon sound of an asgard mothership, carefully designed by a professional with big budget.. sounds awesome.

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