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donkey tugger
Boss Lovin' DR
4631 posts since 14 Mar, 2002, from the grimness of yorkshire
Plenty here- trying to change a hard drive when pissed and not realising the computer was on, grabbing the end of the cable from Marshall head to amp thinking it was the guitar lead (ow..).

My fave though was bending down to adjust a setting on a pedal and the guitar string from the headstock (it was 'cool' not to clip the ends of the strings in the early 90s, honest..) managing to find it's way into the socket in the electrical extension 4 way plug. Guitar string glowed white hot and melted and I threw the shite Epiphone Explorer copy guitar halfway across the room in shock. I recovered; the guitar never really did. I now meticulously crop the ends of the strings..
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14101 posts since 12 Oct, 2008, from Here and there
I put a Zoom recorder on a rock at the seashore to capture the wave, fortunately the flash card still worked after the Tsunami had struck, so that one wav file has a special value for me, the Zoom was buried in the Baltic Sea.
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21922 posts since 11 Aug, 2008, from a computer
My car was being chased by snoop doggy dog, so I threw my laptop at him and escaped unharmed. Unfortunately I never got my laptop back. I know he used the demos on my laptop for his second album but I can't prove it.
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15110 posts since 20 Oct, 2007, from No Location
In 1986, I let someone in lighting unplug the MIDI cable to the serial port on the 128k Mac which, and of course I understand nothing of why this would be, scrambled the entire f**king sequence (on floppy, yea) for the show.

I only learned 'don't let anyone unplug anything no matter what' from this.
1775 posts since 31 Aug, 2013, from The Schwarzwald of My Mind
I plugged a headphone jack from a stereo into a guitar amp. Pretty blue sparks and smoke came out the back along with a satisfying 'BRAPPP!!!'ZEBOPPP!' Good thing it wasn't my amp.

Never did that again.
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567 posts since 8 May, 2012, from Sydney, Australia
Many years ago, I bought my first expansion for EZDrummer (Drumkit from Hell) and remember for the first few weeks I was using all the new midi grooves and feeling pretty disapointed at how similar it sounded to the standard kit. Then one day for whatever ever reason I realised that you had to actually click on the tab at the top to change drum kits, not just drag in Drumkit from Hell midi. I think I was even to the point where I was convincing myself I could hear a slight difference in the kits.
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Rad Grandad
27140 posts since 5 Sep, 2003, from Downeast Maine
I plugged walkman headphones into a 100 watt Marshall Plexi and dimed it (head was in one room, my 4x12 was in the bedroom closet miked), surprisingly the little headphones survived about 30 seconds. There was not much too it though, a little static and they were gone, no thwack, no smoke, no sparks nor did the headphones take flight, they just said "oh hell no" :hihi:
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590 posts since 10 Jul, 2008, from Orbiti sw usa
Sampleconstruct wrote:I put a Zoom recorder on a rock at the seashore to capture the wave, fortunately the flash card still worked after the Tsunami had struck, so that one wav file has a special value for me, the Zoom was buried in the Baltic Sea.

Nice one, all in the effort of audio research
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5468 posts since 8 Dec, 2004, from The Twin Cities
In the mid 90s, I had a beautiful drum kit: a 4 piece Pearl kit with 8 ply maple shells. The oversized components (16 inch mounted tom, 18 inch floor tom, 24 inch kick) gave it a huge sound, the snare sounded gorgeous, with 10 tuning lugs and an awesome snare release, and the hardware was as good as it gets.

I sold it.

For 120$

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4655 posts since 7 Jan, 2005, from Corporate States of America
Hmm... I once punched a computer keyboard until my fist was bloody and damaged. The keyboard was totally destroyed. This wasn't music-related. I don't think I've destroyed anything as a result of music production frustration or experimentation. Like most of the stupid shit I did in my 30s, this event was driven by Effexor and psychological abuse.

Odd thing is, it would have been acceptable to some people if it was done as part of a stage act in a live performance. It would be "gritty", "edgy", or "hard core"... or something. I've seen videos of musicians trashing equipment and it always makes me cringe. I wish I could just rescue their shit from them before being destroyed. I don't think I'd ever trash music equipment. Just computers. They're basically asking for it... ;-)
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1792 posts since 5 Oct, 2015, from Swedish / Living in Hong Kong
Bought the Alesis QS7 synth when they came out. A few days later while playing there was this annoying fly buzzing around. The fly decided to take a rest on the keyboard so I took my chances and gave it a good smack down. I managed to killed the fly and I also managed to break off one key on the keyboard. I had to send the QS7 to a repair shop. :dog:
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Richard deHove
322 posts since 22 Mar, 2016
Rearranging the studio and plugged the wrong power supply into my keyboard controller. Was puzzled when no light came on until I was hit by that piercing burning plastic-electrical smell.

Many years ago in a carpeted home studio: managed to pick up enough static charge from the floor to zap the guts of my Sequential Circuits 'Tom' drum machine -- twice! (Found out later that model was notoriously twitchy).

Gem from the distant past: Traded a Jupiter-6 for a crappy sequencer. Live and learn.
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addled muppet weed
36764 posts since 25 Jan, 2003, from through the looking glass
had my 9 year old son smash a les paul copy in the back garden after some german dude couldn't manage it.
1189 posts since 24 Jun, 2006, from London, England
Was curious to find out how noisy it is inside a vacuum cleaner so stuck my recently purchased mic inside the hose and turned the cleaner on - Ripped the diaphragm right out ! Well done me :D
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Beware the Quoth
26052 posts since 3 Sep, 2001, from R'lyeh Oceanic Amusement Park and Funfair
loaned vurt my very expensive family heirloom les paul copy. really should ask for it back.
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