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Postby Sequent; Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:39 pm Re: Acid Pro 8 Confirmed for 2018 Release

I believe one of the developers of Mixcraft at one time worked for Sonic Foundry.
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Postby SampleScience; Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:53 am Re: Acid Pro 8 Confirmed for 2018 Release

Sequent wrote:I believe one of the developers of Mixcraft at one time worked for Sonic Foundry.

Yes, it's the old team that worked at Sonic Foundry.
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Postby tooneba; Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:39 pm Re: Acid Pro 8 Confirmed for 2018 Release

Karma_tba wrote:I was surprised by Magix's release of Acid Pro 8. My experience with computer based music began with me stumbling on Hip-Hop EJay which led me to Acid Pro 3. Up until then my computer was a glorified game machine, I didn't really know why I dumped a shitload of money into a PC when consoles were less of a PITA to play games. Suddenly I had a legit reason for owning a computer. Making loop based music was a lot of fun I gave myself a stage name and eventually I was posting tracks on Acid Planet and doing the review=review trip. Next came VST's and MIDI and I felt like I was cheating using loops (even though it was an art form itself). I had no formal music training and music theory was just that...a theory. As a consequence my tracks were and remain simple. After collecting a bunch of synths free or commercial I realized I didn't like them and I was more inclined to using romplers as I prefer traditional instruments. I stuck with Acid up to version 7. Then came Orion, FL Studio, Tracktion, and eventually Studio One. Somewhere along the line I out grew my SoundBlaster and Acid so when Magix announced Acid Pro 8 I did my happy dance. That only lasted till I installed the trial. :( It was Acid alright just with a dark color scheme and a few of Magix's plug ins. Throw in some cartoony icons and boom...Acid Pro 8. The cosmetic changes give way when you click on any of the menus. Very little has been changed or improved, I guess you can't go home after you've been to the city. If this is your first DAW you'd be better served by the free Tracktion, if it's not don't bother unless your feeling nostalgic.

That may be enough for people who just use Maschine and are willing to try good loop arranger.
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Postby spendthrift2; Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:11 pm Re: Acid Pro 8 Confirmed for 2018 Release

I thought this was going to be related to Sonic Foundry's Acid somehow... I guess that's something totally different. I was never familiar with it to be honest, but back a million years ago it had something to do with recording music. :roll:

EDIT: Just found this

It’s the end of an era – but maybe not such a golden era. Once upon a time, ACID and Sound Forge were each industry-leading software tools, originally developed by Sonic Foundry. Now, languishing alongside their stablemate, video editor Vegas, they’re seeing ownership pass from Sony (via its creative software division) to German software house and holding company MAGIX.

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Postby starise; Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:50 am Re: Acid Pro 8 Confirmed for 2018 Release

I can get Acid for 99.00 right now as an upgrade. I will say one thing....So far Magix has done far more for Acid than Sony ever did. Acid is in the game again and nothing to be sneezed at.

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