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Postby noiseboyuk; Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:28 am Re: Solo strings - any ideas?

IMO the Bohemian instruments above are in a league of their own for sounding like living, breathing instruments. It's a remarkable achievement. You sacrifice the usual controls, its all done by very clever scripting based purely on note velocity and speed, and this works very well (and improving all the time). But for some it's - I think - too much of a paradigm shift from conventional VIs. Its a rare beast indeed that begs to take centre stage, usually VIs want to keep in the background as much as possible. These puppies want to shine.

For more sedate / conventional quartet / quintet I still like Audiobro LASS FCs, but they can't really take centre stage and aren't designed to. Not a fan of Chris Hein or Kirk Hunter at all, not really VSL's greatest strength either. Spitfire have a new set coming out which would be worth keeping an eye on, but it is after all just another conventional library.

So for me VIR Harmonic have the crown, albeit just violin and cello for now. It's a very exciting approach to make a virtual musician rather than a virtual instrument, and you just play. There's often tweaks to do after a first pass, but nothing too head-banging.
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Postby Armagibbon; Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:41 pm Re: Solo strings - any ideas?

Bohemian got that baked in vibrato no matter what. Dunno how anyone thinks thats good. Yea good that its playable but you aint gonna control solo strings with just your keys and wheel. Imo best solo strings out there is swam. Learn to play it and its damn close to the real deal you aint even gotta touch keyswitches...
2395 posts since 25 Jan, 2007

Postby noiseboyuk; Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:12 pm Re: Solo strings - any ideas?

Bohemian has different levels of vibrato, arcing at different points, triggered by the style chosen, key velocity and speed (with optional manual key switch forcing, only intended for occasional use). It is incorrect to say you control with the modwheel - there is no cc1 control at all, one of the things I was referring to when I said it was very unconventional and many wouldn’t like it as a result. I believe VIR have said that they may record totally nv articulations in the future.

The whole idea of Bohemian is to relinquish minutiae control, and treat it as a musician where you might ask to play in a particular style but not dictate on a note-by-note basis. The scripting then interprets the musical notes keyed in into what an actual violinist would play in that style. It does this by having real recorded swells with progressive vibrato of different intensity, so you’re hearing actual real performances (hopefully) seamlessly stictched together. The net result, for me, is that it much more closely sounds like the real deal.

Conceptually, it’s pretty much the polar opposite from SWAM. I personally disliked SWAM from the demos, just sounds like an uncanny valley synth to me.
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Postby Cinebient; Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:45 pm Re: Solo strings - any ideas?

For real time performance....Finger Fiddle app is the best thing out there.
For the pure sound i like the Bohemian and Emotional Cello the most.
The free Reaktor Serenade 3 is also very good but Reaktor use too much cpu and Finger Fiddle app is much better to control (but it has no midi in/out....ouch).
But really no one of these can compete to sitting next to a real string player but all have their pro and contra.
Best combination would be for me a mixture of sound and articulation from Emotional Cello and Bohemian controlled with the real time articulation/morphings like Serenade and Finger Fiddle.
The SWAM things didn‘t impress me really.

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