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Postby steveholt; Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:31 am HighLife sfz file fix - sorry - best I can do

If an sfz file won't play in HighLife try this:

Fix using sfZed

1. load the sfz file
2. make sure you select View -> Note Numbers
3. Save As a new copy of the file.

HighLife needs the notes to be in the sfz file as numbers.

BUT - some wave files just won't load - and I have no way to know why. So try the above, and if it doesn't work you might want to try re-saving the waves from a suitable editor.

I hoped I could solve this - I can't. Any other suggestions post here.

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Postby zvon; Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:09 am

I do not have an automatic solution but I think that I found what the problem is. I noticed that was is incorrect with the problem sfz files once they are loaded in HighLife is the root note and the note range of the samples.

For instance with one file, all the roots where set to C-2 and all the ranges were from to C-2 to C-2. Which of course resulted in no sound or a very big sound if I played C-2 :lol: .

Manually resetting the roots and range made the files play correctly. Files can then be resaved from HighLife. This process is a bit time consuming so a faster or more automatic way of doing this would be welcome.

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