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Postby Vendetta; Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:40 am the mid side chained compression...

After hearing the demos, i was impressed :o with the mid side chained one, is a very very powerfull thing.

Discussing with a colegue about this issues, he claims that is not really necesary all this set up to achive that, that there are some compressors (e.g:) Quantum-fx and BGTech Multiband compressors, that sidechain independently of the host compatibilities... Also, he narrated :x a long story about "New York compression" thing, that doesn't fit very much in the picture, i think...

What i'm asking is:

what is this "Universal Sidechain" thing? and New York Compression?
is it posible to get similar results with these compressors, or you do really need the EnergyXT or Cubase (any host) routing to achive this?

The way it seems to be obtained, checking the routing step by step, is that 2 signals (comming from the original) are mixed, the dry (original signal) and the multiband one (processed)
so one keeps the dynamism and the other gives you some definition and puch.

So, all this is posible to be achived by a single multiband compressor, as my mate claims? or do you need the routing, as i undestand it? i'm I wrong.

Just, clarifying some points.

Vendetta :)
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Postby Mantik; Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:50 am

if the multibandcompressor got wet/dry button: yes it would be possible then.
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Postby napalmbob; Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:07 pm

Mid-Side Compression (or just M/S Compression) can be done via a dedicated compressor, like this one or by using a M/S decoder like this.

For the second method you would send the signal to two seperate tracks, the first only has the mid channel, the second only has the side. Now you can apply (for example) heavier compression on the middle and lighter compression on the sides.

New York Compression (also called Parallel Compression) is where a signal is sent to two different tracks. The first has little or no compression and the second has some heavy compression. The second, heavily compressed signal is mixed in at a lower volume to the first, drier signal.

Or, just use the Wet/Dry knob on a compressor on the one mixer track.

This is used to add balls/oomf to a sound (usually a kick) without completely destroying the dynamics of the original sound.

There's also the more popular cousin: Side-Chain Compression, which is using one sound (generally the kick) to trigger the threshold of a compressor on another sound (generally the bass, but could also be a pad or reverb send). This is to create an obvious pumping effect or to prevent one sound masking another (another use: voice-over ducking the music in an advert).

EDITED: to make more sense.
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Postby Caco; Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:58 pm

Maybe give Compressive a go. It's a free compressor that can do mid/side, New York compression and sidechain compression all in one plugin. The only think you mentioned that it lacks is multiband compression but I don't know if you'll find a multiband compressor with an external sidechain etc as they have slightly different uses :)
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Postby bootsie; Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:08 am

or give Density a try it offers inherent M/S compression and mixing as well as wet/dry balancing foy NY style compression.
check here
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Postby Caco; Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:25 am

bootsie wrote:or give Density a try it offers inherent M/S compression and mixing as well as wet/dry balancing foy NY style compression.
check here

Looks interesting :)

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