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Which should be NUSofting/Dash Signature No.1 priority?

[Mac] Updates and new features first (see list in the top post)
[Mac] Release new products first (see list in the top post)
[PC] Updates and new features first (see list in the top post)
[PC] Release new products first (see list in the top post)
I give articulated suggestions in the thread
Total votes : 100
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Postby liqih; Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:19 pm Future products and upgrades, No.1 priority?

So what is this poll about? It's a bit of market research.
Over the past 4 years I've devised and released a good number of
plugins. A few through collaborations with other developers, but mostly
I have worked alone, putting in a huge amount of energy and passion,
working around the clock almost every day of year.
All my commercial products have been priced as low as possible; just
enough to allow me the minimum income necessary to survive and to work
full time on my software projects. And I thank all the users and
friends who chose to buy my plugins.

Lately things have been getting harder: there are more competitors and
there is more freeware available, and maybe there are too many products
of mine to keep updated with only one programmer. So now I kindly ask
to all of you reading this for your opinion -- any comments or
suggestions -- about the direction I should take.

Here's an overview of the status of my current commercial products (AU
and VST plugins), released under the NUSofting and Dash Signature

At the end of this list you'll find the new projects I'm working on,
which should be my next releases.

This info should help you to vote in the poll. Do you want the new
stuff, or do you want the older stuff upgraded?

For questions not in the poll please aks me!


Below you find the list of our products released and
planned, but first please read these two important notes.

Note 1) Mac versions:
So far I only developed on Windows and all the Mac versions have been
arranged with other pro developers. This method seems to work, but the
Mac releases are always a bit later than the PC releases. That's why I
splitted the poll in Mac and PC users, to verify how much Mac market is

Note 2) Sample based products:
There are mainly EVE with the HQSs and DK+, Knagalis uses samples but
in restricted way like SaxLab (BDM is not a sample player) and I wish
to leave this "Sample Libraries" market. I don't like very much to work
on synth which playback other instruments. My passion since the SynC
Modular days has been the sound generation using several synthesis
technique and the sample playback is really at the bottom of this
synthesis list. My favourites are physical modelling, FM, subctractive
and addittive. Hence EVE and DK+ are more likely to stay in the staus
they are now, which is not a bad status at all IMHO.

EVE 2 status:

EVE 2 is a mature product. We have Windows and UB Mac versions, plus a
huge library of SoundSets. (it loads both DASHsnd and wusikSND files)

-- There are apparently still issues with the preset menu in Ableton
Live, but you can use Live's own menu, or with the latest EVE 2 you can
browse the preset with the -/+ buttons on "eve" logo.

-- There were a few requests for a "Legacy" skin for EVE 2, like the
one in EVE 1, but EVE 2 is not skinnable.

-- Extra features: microtuning and multi-out, not much demand for those,
there is actually a Windows version with multi-out already, VCF ADSR,
SoundSets search, preset load and save by the EVE GUI.

-- Another one was 6 channels mode for MIDI guitar controllers.

Knagalis status:

This product is a personal favorite, but has been "frozen" for a long
time: surely it's time for an update with a Mac version as well?

TDP would be abbandoned, as it seems nobody loves it, right?
Same for Groove Analogizer.

DK+ status:

There are Feature requests in the thread at:
But I will add only the two most wanted. DK+ already has an incredible
amount of functionality for its low price, and I want to keep it an
"entry level" drum sample player for users on a budget, even though
features like drag&drop, MIDI export, realtime sample preview, high
quality resampling, are possible at a pro level. Would users buy such a
'pro' version?

Modelonia status:

This is another favorite of mine that I want to improve, so I'd like to
hear your feedback. A Mac version is stil in the work but it will be
released for sure.

HarpTime Pro status:

Mature and stable synth available for Windows and UB Mac.
HarpTime Two started with new features and better FXs.

Peti Harmonium/Accordion status:

Mature and stable synth available for Windows and UB Mac.

Combo Sister Transistor Organ status:

Freshly released as stable UB Mac AU and VST plugin,
the old Windows version still has some small bugs to fix.

Feature requests so far: a larger vibrato range and pitch bend.

Marimka status:

Currently stable and available for Windows.
No requests for this except a few for a UB Mac version.

Microrock Pro status:

Currently stable and available for Windows and PPC Mac.
No requests for this except a few for a UB Mac version.

Pizza Synth status:

Currently stable and available for Windows.
No requests.

Trimmetry and Morphing Delay:
maybe Morphing Delay is worth an update?

BDM is new and sounds great!
Mac version this month!

NEW "planned" products:

Beams & Vibes

marimba and vibraphone emulation:

engine done at 60% - GUI done at 80%


Physical Modeling Percussions Builder

sophisticated synthesiser for single percussion sound,
one instrument at time, ranging from small drums to cymbals
with many physical parameters

engine done at 60% - GUI done at 0%
http://www.dashsignature.com/HH2/hi-hat ... d_demo.mp3

Generative Harp Player

this will play the harp for you in different styles and keys,
parameters automatable

engine done at 40% - GUI done at 20%

Glitch Pad synth.

Derived from my SynC Modular ensemble of 2001:
sound examples:
http://www.dashsignature.com/mp3/Glitch ... ground.mp3
http://www.dashsignature.com/mp3/Glitch ... groove.mp3
http://www.dashsignature.com/mp3/Glitch ... atarka.mp3
http://www.dashsignature.com/mp3/Glitch ... rhythm.mp3
http://www.dashsignature.com/mp3/Glitch ... uenced.mp3


Kaotika Multieffect:

Sequenced multieffect with filters, delays, gate, fractal LFOs,
able to be both a vintage warmer and a modern FSU effect.

engine done at 40% - GUI done at 30%


A true analogue sound synth with grungy filters,
a bit like Acidome but coded in C++ and with more filters


copy&paste lists for your comments:

released are...

Combo Sister
Peti Harmonium
Pizza Synth
Morphing Delay

possible are...

Kaotika Multieffect
Glitch Pad synth
Generative Harp Player
Physical Modeling Percussions Builder
Beams & Vibes
Grungy filters VA synth
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Postby funkychickendance; Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:36 pm

I think that Modelonia is the existing product that would most reward improving. It's great, but there's so much more you could do with it.

Most of the others you list are (a) mature and (b) quite good enough as they are.

I completely agree with your thinking about sample-based instruments. Fundamentally, they're only as interesting as their samples. And they can be such space hogs. :roll:

You're too smart to waste your time in that overcrowded arena: you are a champion at physical modeling. Go do it! The world needs more compact, clever synths.

The 'physical modeling percussion builder' sounds like a winner. :)

And I'm sure I've expressed some enthusiasm for 'beams and vibes' in the past.

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Postby mikebeck; Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:55 pm

I'm one of those who would like to see Modelonia and Microrock Pro on my Intel Mac.
I'm happy with the other instruments that are already UB, and don't have any urgent wishes for upgrades to any of them - they're good as they are!
I'm really interested in some of the new items in the list - Beams & Vibes, Kaotica, Grungy Filters.
Either I missed it or Da Hornet isn't listed. Has that idea of making a newer "pro" version been dropped? I'd buy it, even if it was only updated for UB without any new features.
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Postby Spitfire31; Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:59 am

Apologies for sounding like an EchoPlex of mikebeck's post. 8)

First of all I'd like to see the Mac UB version of Modelonia.

Then, a Mac UB Beams and Vibes. I love Peti and your synthesized emulations of real-world instruments are my firm favourites.

Last, I think I was the one nagging you about an optional wider vibrato in Combo Sister. Please...

Best regards,

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Postby dougsyo; Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:32 am

For your existing projects, I'd like to see enhancements in Modelonia (Windows) but that's about it. Bug fixes (even ones I haven't hit) are welcome.

Beyond that, I'd like to see new development continue.

Other than the HQ sounds I don't use Eve, and on my new machine I installed TDP first. TBH I'm more likely to choose a different product first for the base samples that come with Eve, and may consider EXSC-ing the HQ samples into another format.

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Postby dbender; Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:55 pm

Please fix EVE 2 au presets problems:

[on setup: MacBook, OS 10.4.10, host - Digital Performer]

The problem:

When you tweak presets, the tweaks stick even when the preset isn't saved -- so, messing around with a preset means that the preset is changed, even when you go to a different preset, then back to the first one you were tweaking -- when you go back to it, the changes you made (w/o saving) still remain. Upshot -- tweaking changes presets, and they do not revert to their original settings after tweaking. Big bummer, because this means presets get lost when tweaking, instead of doing a "save as" which would save the tweaked settings and leave the original preset alone and intact.

Thank you.
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Postby liqih; Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:36 pm

Hi all.

Thanks for the feedaback, all received.

dbender, I will ask to my Mac helper to check that.

I see that few Mac users voted the poll, please more if you are here.
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Postby dbender; Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:09 am

Thank you!!! That's been a problem that has marred this otherwise masterpiece!!! I've been praying it'll be fixed so full use and enjoyment of you wonderful plug can finally be realized (please pardon the Jager flourish at 2 am).

Thanks, and am looking forward to the final fix!!
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Postby Spitfire31; Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:47 am

Just to keep the Mac presence alive around here, I just (finally!) bought ComboSister. 8)

I suspect that many Mac users may not be all that aware that (some) NuSofting instruments are also for Mac. I just posted on Unicornation to try to spread that awareness, and dangle Modelonia in front of their noses...

Best regard,

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Postby dbender; Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:53 am

Spitfire31 --

I'm with you, baby!!! A fellow mac devotee, who wants to let all these windows guys know that, [1] we are here now, and [2] we are the future, as more people come to their senses and jump out of their Windows into the Mac land we've both known and loved (for me, since 1989 -- who was gonna pick f'in Windows 5.1 [anyone here old enough to remember??] vs. OS 6????). Back then, when I was told I was crazy because "everyone was using Windows" and that "there were millions more Windows users, so the Mac will be obsolete and gone by '95" [yes, they did tell us all that], it reminded me of that famous old Roman grafitti that was found, dating back to about 100 B.C., or so, that said "Eat sh*t, 10,000,000 flies can't be wrong." I always used to thing that when those MacDonalds' signs first apperared in the early 70's saying how many billions were served.......

More Mac Support for the great plugs, please!!!!
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Postby Shy; Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:57 pm

How did you manage to turn this into a mac vs windows users discussion? Did any Windows user here tell you "don't use Mac OS"? Sigh.

Anyway, I believe first and above all, any bugs should be fixed. Then, new products and feature updates.
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Postby MitchK1989; Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:59 am

I for one would love a AU UB version of Microrock pro, Modelonia, Marimka, and DA Hornet.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Please make mac versions of existed plugins.
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Postby liqih; Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:04 am


I've been sick so here I am lately,

Microrock pro and Modelonia AU UB should be released next month

Marimka is not planned for Mac so far,

also please check this
for more info.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, keep it coming
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Postby SaucyJack; Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:39 pm

I hope everyone is only voting once so the poll is accurate. Not surprising that us OS X guys are more concerned with the existing plugins. I wish I could run Knagalis and Astrobelt Mother Ship on my Macs.
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Postby jayjay; Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:20 am

I think EMM Knaglis is superb. I love the instruments it uses and it represents exactly what I want from the software - but maybe it would be nice to get some new presets?

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