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ZPC #12: One Note Only

Official support for: u-he.com

Moderator: Urs

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1597 posts since 10 Dec, 2008, from Minneapolis

Postby xh3rv; Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:24 pm ZPC #12: One Note Only

ZPC #12: One Note Only

For this ZPC, we're looking for some automated sound. There's a lot of words for this sort of thing - arps, drones, loops, lupins, patterns, sequences, things like that. But the only definition I think we need is, press one key and use the synth to do some of the work :)

I thought there was more posting on this stuff, but really techniques show up in most of the patch sets. (With maybe the exception of some things that can be done with the v2.5 MMaps). No need to do anything technically amazing here either, or use any specific features of Zebra, but if anyone hasn't seen some of this stuff, it's all interesting.

Enough Already (The state of the art as far as I've seen)

MSEG and a way of using it

Nick Moritz MSEGs

Dmitry Sches MSEGs

And some random advice I turned up searching this stuff, from Howard:
Howard wrote:The trick is to think of tricks that you wouldn't think of

That about sums it up :)


-- Submission deadline: August 9th
NOTE: I'll be somewhat unavailable the first week of August, so if you send a patch during that time I may or may not confirm promptly. By the 6th I'll be able to follow this more closely.

-- Please pm me on these forums, or e-mail me at **xh3rv.**andrew**@**gmail**.**com (remove *s)
-- Either one or two patches may be submitted
-- Please scrub your name from submitted patches (or stuff like MSEGs, OSC presets that can also have an author tag) - a blank author field or a ? or a * in there.
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1597 posts since 10 Dec, 2008, from Minneapolis

Postby xh3rv; Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:35 am

Updated the post. Also, the man behind the man behind the man that made the film Inception has free software for the winner! There might be another man in there somewhere.

Over the past several weeks I've been working on some Zebra stuff that I think I want to distribute to those who enter the contest. No guarantees and I don't want to say too much but if it all works out (the half I've done so far is working out pretty well) I really think it will solidly compliment everything else in the Zebra-verse.
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1597 posts since 10 Dec, 2008, from Minneapolis

Postby xh3rv; Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:09 pm

OK, quick teaser mp3 of some stuff I can give to patch submitters:

Vanilla Zebra

Other than very light instance of Uhbik-Q on the master channel:

The 'Zebra' patch is in Howard Scarr's 2.5 update to the factory libray ...
The synth patch is a random riff I had lying around, actually not a too complicated VA patch but some fine-tuned X/Y automation ...

The interesting thing is the 808 is actually a bank of Zebras & an instance of Zebrify :)

Submit a patch and before voting starts I'll drop a link to a collection of something like, 80-100 'vanilla' percussion sounds (possibly more patches - e.g. counting 3 tom patches as one sound) - some full emulations* of a few classic machines and a good number of fairly straightforward sounds that work the same way.

Sort of the overall concept is, simplicity in terms of keeping the number of modules or other parts of the Zebra toolkit used to a minimum, and pretty plain sounds, which in practice means that the sounds end up being pretty immediately tweakable, both in subtle (like, fine-tune the envelopes) and dramatic (like, destroy it with fx) ways.

* Emulation quality won't be perfect across the whole set - basically I haven't really cracked perfect emulation of hi-hats and cymbals, there are some good technical reasons for this ... I am really confident that in those cases what will be in there will be very usable, tweakable, and generally carry the same vibe. Amongst other stuff quite a bit is between, worst-case, imperceptible audible differences unless you listen reeaally closely, best case - indistinguishable from samples on a spectrograph and oscilloscope. Before tweaking, anyway.

Anyway, looking forward to submissions here!
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1597 posts since 10 Dec, 2008, from Minneapolis

Postby xh3rv; Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:50 pm

Deadline is sneaking up. The few early submissions have been great, should be an impressive group of patches, looking forward to more!
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1597 posts since 10 Dec, 2008, from Minneapolis

Postby xh3rv; Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:39 pm

24-hour notice. The voting thread might be 36-48 hours or so away, the percussion patches may show up a day or so after the voting thread ... XY mapping is taking a whole lot longer than I expected :shock:

Moderator: Urs

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