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Postby Techlo; Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:57 pm Custom Graphics for BooTweak are a Doddle

Whether you're a BooTweak tweaker, independent sample creator making a library to publish or share through BooTweak.com, or an established sample company making BooTweak compatible files for your existing libraries, customizing the graphics is a breeze. Just take a look at the png files and their file names in the BooTweak Original Recipe graphics folder and make new png graphics using the same files names. If you want the new graphics to replace all of the original BooTweak graphics, replace the files in the original folder with the new files.

If you want new graphics to work on separate instruments while leaving the originals untouched, create a new folder in the BooTweak Graphics folder to store your new graphics. You'll need to do a tiny bit of script replacement now to replace the folder references to find your new graphics. If you don't have Nils' KScript editor, download it. Load the BooTweak KScript in the Kscript editor. Do a control+h find and replace command. In the "Find what" type "BooTweak Orignal Recipe Graphics". In "Replace with" put the name of your custom graphics folder which needs to be inside the BooTweak Graphics folder (along with the preexisting BooTweak Original Recipe Graphics folder). Click the button to replace all instances. Press F5 to compile the script. In Kontakt in the BooTweak script tab, choose to apply script from the clipboard, then click apply. After you close the wrench to go back to your performance view you should see the new graphics.

I made the knobs in the easy to use knobman program. The wallpaper is also a png file. It consists of 7 vertically stacked states for each of the controller focus graphic states. The graphics that run along the bottom of the performance view are actually hidden by the Kontakt boxes at the top of the instrument, which is why the graphics are located where they are.

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