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U-He Audio Demos (More than 240 demos!)

Official support for: u-he.com

Moderator: Urs

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5596 posts since 13 Feb, 2006, from Wiesmoor, Germany

Postby Bronto Scorpio; Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:51 pm U-He Audio Demos (More than 240 demos!)

This thread started as a collection of my own audio demos but I thought it would be a cool idea to collect demos from other people as well to have some kind of big collection!

If you want to your demos to appear in this post simply post them in this thread, the "rules" are at the bottom of this post! I'll update this post as often as I can!

Here are the demos:


Bronto Scorpio
A nice cinematic drum soundA vocal-ish padAn absolutely boring trance pluck thingyWub wub


ACE shows its face


Bronto Scorpio
One of my favorite padsTeh tarnceA buzzy bass soundA bell-ish soundA soft chordTeh tarnce padzA crazy bass soundAn improvised lead sound (please excuse my horrible playing)An absolutely innovative chord stab you surely never heard beforeAnother tarnce thingySomething differentOne note feedback droneMy Diva demo for the U-He website (Multitracked)The demo track of my Future Retro bank (Multitracked)

Diva 6Diva 9Diva 12Diva 15Diva 16Diva 17Diva 19Diva 20Diva 21Diva 24Diva 26Diva 27Diva 29Diva 32Diva 33Diva 35Diva 38Diva 42Diva 44Diva 47Diva 49Diva 50bDiva 54Uhbie 1Uhbie 2Uhbie 3Uhbie 4Uhbie 5Uhbie 6Uhbie 7Uhbie 8Uhbie 9Uhbie 10Uhbie 11Uhbie 12Uhbie 13Uhbie 14Uhbie 14 SeqUhbie 15Uhbie 16Uhbie 17Uhbie 18Uhbie 21Uhbie 25Uhbie 34Uhbie 35ArpSeq 1ArpSeq 2ArpSeq 3ArpSeq 4ArpSeq 5ArpSeq 6ArpSeq 7ArpSeq 8ArpSeq 11SS Uhbie 2

FilterScape VA

Bronto Scorpio
A noisy padA slightly 80s sounding synthSomething from an imaginary scfi movieA vocal pad againBells FTWSomething differentA few very simple drum sounds (Multitracked)


Bronto Scorpio
Another cinematic drum soundSome kind of mallet thingyThese are not the zebras you're looking forSome kind of imaginary instrumentHang drum-ish mallet thingy (WIP)This is just one instance of ZebraA hybrid semi-real bowed somethingSomething uglyA snareI really don't know what this isA phasing padSome glitchy stuffAnother digital padAn old demo (Multitracked)Some retro-ish stuff (Multitracked)

Zebra 3Zebra 4Zebra 6Zebra 7Zebra 55Zebra 56Zebra 58Zebra 59Zebra 63Zebra 64Zebra 65Zebra 66Zebra 68Zebra 70Zebra 71Zebra 75SitozDroneADistomalPluckde 2Zebular 1Zebraz 1KuitarMetallezingRumpassDetarDistanzPercolaPerculePluck 5Randrum 2Rapt2RepsunRuitarSolardropSpectroStringzz 2TinkaBurbangYaaooEmerging 1PlechoZTrainShimmerZdisto

Alice in Wonderland (Only one held note + automation)

DeTrek (Multitracked) (+Drum and voice samples and some compression)Timelapse (Multitracked) (+Stereo imager)

SimChoirBMF OrganBMF Organ plays the Gigout TocattaBach CelloFaure's ElegieFauré Élégie - Mournful Cello Mk2Big Spacey ThingBlaster BeamBlaster BeamWiffenesqueHey YouExcerpts from AranjuezExcerpts from Aranjuez - Version 2Synth KeysWormhole ExtremeMoor WindNot SingClavierPPG ChoirLogos Part 4 (Abridged)ZebraPad 130817aGuitarMemories of Green (Multitracked)'Sadness and Sorrow' from the anime Naruto (Multitracked) (+Master compression)Oxygenate (Multitracked) (+Master compression)FantasiumStuntmanNardis TwangSkylark EPUnfinished Greek Theme (Multitracked) (+A few drum samples)

Carte BlancheAtmospheres

Metal Bass Drum

Zebra HZ

Bronto Scorpio
A metallic percussion soundA filtered noise groove


Bronto Scorpio
A Pad with a lot of movementSome crazy stuffA retro-ish choir


Bronto Scorpio
Zebra through Zebrify (First 4 bars are dry)

Tyrell N6

Bronto Scorpio
A music box sound with a twistSomething hoover-ishA broken keyboard sound or somethingYet another vocal-ish sound

Bazille (Beta)

Bronto Scorpio
A deep sub bass

pdxindy (+external delay/reverb)
Bazille 4aBazille 5Bazille 8Bazille 9Bazille 9bBazille 21Bazille 22Bazille 24Bazille 24bBazille 24cBazille 25Bazille 26Bazille 27Bazille 28Bazille 30Bazille 32Bazille 34Bazille 35Bazille 37Bazille 40aBazille 41Bazille 45Bazille 49Bazille 52Bazille 53Bazille 55Bazille 56Bazille 57Bazille 58aBazille 59Bazille 60Bazille 61Bazille 62Bazille 64aBazille 66Bazille 70Bazille 71Bazille 72Bazille 75Bazille 76BazyeoB SoftpluckBazille OscB-Melonkey (+Satin)

WormholeBipolar waveshapingWeird modWhir (+Zebrify, Uhbik-A and MFM2)Drums 3am 01 (+Zebrify compression)Drums 3am 02 (+Zebrify compression)

Rhythmic 3c


  • Always post direct links to your demos and no Soundcloud links or something like that, it's simply too messy otherwise. If you don't have webspace simply get a Dropbox account (free), it seems like the easiest solution.
  • Please try to avoid external effects. If you have to use effects, it would be nice if it would be U-He effects. If you use effects you should post which ones you used, I'll then add the info here. The best thing would still be to make demos of the raw synths though.
  • If you use more then one instance or multible different U-He synths in a demo, add the relevant info to your post.
  • If you post demos of effects you should also provide a dry example (The dry sound doesn't have to be a U-He synth in this case).
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3860 posts since 3 Jul, 2012

Postby V0RT3X; Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:20 am

Thanks for the share, these are some good sounds !
3167 posts since 17 Aug, 2004

Postby kmonkey; Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:58 am

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804 posts since 21 Aug, 2011

Postby Phase47; Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:56 am

I love hearing this stuff - just the raw synths.
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5596 posts since 13 Feb, 2006, from Wiesmoor, Germany

Postby Bronto Scorpio; Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:23 pm

Thansk everyone! :)
Phase47 wrote:I love hearing this stuff - just the raw synths.
Yep! I love to listen to raw demos too!
I guess that's why I like to make them :)

Edit: I addad another Zebra demo (The hang drum sound).
Copied from another thread:
"After I listened to Howards HS Hung Drum preset I tried to make my own hang drum preset in Zebra. As always, I wasn't going for a straight emulation but for something unique. It still sounds quite hang drum/steel drum-ish though :)

I still have to tweek some things but here is a small audio demo (The melody isn't very hang drum like but I thought it fits the sound quite well):

Hang drum-ish mallet thingy (WIP)"

631 posts since 19 Sep, 2006

Postby ddeez; Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:47 pm

Bronto are any of these patches available for DL? I love all of them. You're an amazing sound designer.
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4146 posts since 2 Sep, 2005, from city of lights (nl)

Postby core; Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:13 pm

Great job Dennis, love your sounds!
rekkerd.org - latest news, free samples, audio plugins, patches & sounds and plugins deals
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5596 posts since 13 Feb, 2006, from Wiesmoor, Germany

Postby Bronto Scorpio; Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:00 am

Thanks a lot Ronnie and ddeez :)
ddeez wrote:Bronto are any of these patches available for DL?
The two Diva presets are in the factory library (Winter Solstice and Mono Trancer or something like that).
The other ones will be in sound banks I'll hopefully finish soon!

Here is another demo:

Angry Kit demo

This is just 1 instance of Zebra :)
I made this before the additional 2 mod mappers were avaiable, a lot more sophisticated stuff is possible now :)

8594 posts since 2 Feb, 2005, from in the wilds

Postby pdxindy; Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:44 am

Nice stuff again!

Here is the Zebra preset I made tonight...

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5596 posts since 13 Feb, 2006, from Wiesmoor, Germany

Postby Bronto Scorpio; Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:56 am

pdxindy wrote:Nice stuff again!
Thanks :)
pdxindy wrote:Here is the Zebra preset I made tonight...

Awesome as usual! :)

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6598 posts since 22 Sep, 2008, from Windsor. UK

Postby tehlord; Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:59 am

Teh Tarnce make meh darnce! :hihi:

All excellent as usual! 8)
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3152 posts since 11 Aug, 2006, from Austin, TX

Postby bmrzycki; Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:34 am

Love your stuff Dennis. It's always great to hear your explorations of synths. :tu:
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5596 posts since 13 Feb, 2006, from Wiesmoor, Germany

Postby Bronto Scorpio; Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:43 am

Thanks Geoff and Brian :)

41 posts since 22 Dec, 2010

Postby MtL; Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:48 pm

I love the hang preset you've got there. Would love to play around with that, map it up to my SPD 30.
8594 posts since 2 Feb, 2005, from in the wilds

Postby pdxindy; Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:34 pm


Moderator: Urs

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