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Postby Luftrum; Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:48 am Call to Arms: Charity 2012 (Charity ended. Final calculation: $15211 raised)

Final calculations:

On charity auctions: 13619$
Proceeds from Luftrum: 750$
Donation by unknown: 245$
Donation by zenpunkhippy: 180$
Donation by Rob Lee: 162$
Proceeds from Yuroun: 100$
Donation by dpg499: 50$
Donation by cyphersuit: 40$
Donation by U-o: 38$
Donation by seismic1: 10$
Donation by DavyAch: 7$
Donation by codec_spurt: 5$
Donation by DJMashbot: 5$

Total: 15211$
Received: 14927$
PayPal fees: 557$
Net amount transfered to Save the Children: $14370

Please read important charity ending notice below!

Charity ending notice:

All auctions end on 11:59:59 p.m on October 31st Central European Time (CET). The CET Timezone can be seen on this page. To prevent 1$ sniper bids in the final minute, all bids on the whole final day of the charity (following CET as well) must follow the simple rules below:

Auctions bid below 100$ = minimum bid increase 5$ and bid increments in 5$
Auctions bid above 100$ = minimum bid increase 10$ and bid increments in 10$

Example: if you want to place a bid on Product X on October 31st and Product X is at high bid 165$ then your minimum bid must be 175$, 185$, 195$ etc.

Don't expect to be able to post in the final minute, there will be hundreds of people trying to do this and you might encounter KVR hanging or not being responsive due to this. Bids with a timestamp later than October 31st is not valid no matter the cause - so do yourself a favour and post your highest bid hours in advance! Replies (bids) that have been edited after the charity has ended is not valid either so make sure you reply (or bid) with the correct amount and text and don't change or edit anything after.

Finding the winners:
After the charity has ended, I will update the frontpage with all the winning bids. If you think I made a mistake, sent me a PM. I will then make a reply as I usually do with an All bids up-to-date and please wait for that reply to come, then go to the frontpage to calculate what you have won and do the following:
  • Send me a PM containing full name, email address, what you won and the total.
  • Wait for a reply from me saying OK, then transfer the total to my PayPal via the donation button on my website.
Example on a PM:
Hi Luftrum.

It's InsertName here. My real name is Insert Name. My email is insertname@mail.com and I can see you have updated the frontpage with the winning bids. Here is what I have won:

High bidder Soundset for PolyKB: InsertName 15$
High bidder LinPlug Alpha #1: InsertName 35$.
High bidder Forest Kingdom: InsertName 170$.
Total: 220$

I will wait for an OK from you before I send the total through the donation button on your frontpage.

Connecting winners and companies:
I will contact each company with the winners details DO NOT CONTACT COMPANIES YOURSELF claiming your auction. I will do that and connect you to the company AFTER I have received the total from you. You have to give me space and time to do this - there's a lot of logistics to keep track of. Don't expect this to be right after the charity has ended, give me at least a few days.

When all funds are cleared (proceeds, auctions etc.) I will transfer the total amount raised to Save the Children, posting a copy of the diploma when I receive it.

(end of important charity ending notice)

Dear friends.

Last year we had a charity event on KVR. It was titled Call to Arms: Charity and we raised 8712$ for Save the Children. This was done by almost 40 goodhearted developers donating software and proceeds for the charity. Software was auctioned directly in this thread and all the good guys were represented from small individuals to large companies such as Camel Audio, U-He, Spectrasonics, Audio Damage, Voxengo and Rob Papen just to mention a few. The charity was "unofficial" as it was started by me and the official KVR had nothing to do with the charity - other than kindly providing the forum thread for the fund raising.

I have decided to repeat the success from last year and wouldn't it be amazing if we could break the 10k barrier? The charity can only succeed if developers who were so bighearted to contribute last year decides to support the charity again this year and if new developers join in!

Last year we had a poll regarding what charity to receive the funds. This year there will be no poll as I have chosen Save the Children to receive the funds once again.


I am Luftrum, sound designer. You might know me from the Luftrum:Ambient sound library for Alchemy or recently Zero Gravity released by Steinberg. Besides designing presets I also work at Novo Nordisk A/S a large medical company and a world leader on diabetes care and then I am also just dad in the eyes of my two girls 4 and 7 years old. If you're a parent yourself, you'll probably agree that priorities were turned upside down once your kids entered this world.

I am very thankful that my kids are not born into poverty. They will never lack basic needs as water or food but in other parts of this world there are dads just like me, who love their daughters and sons just as much as I love my children - dads who have no influence if their kids get any food or water today and imagine being a parent, seeing your own child die of thirst or a simple cureable disease? Horrible.

But it's not only about basic survival as Save the Children works in a lot of different areas with focus on Health and Nutrition, U.S. Programs, Emergency Response, Child Education etc.

How it works?

Below is a Sound Dev Charity List. The list contains the developers who are contributing to this fundraising, what they contribute and a link to their website. The list will grow and developers can join throughout the charity. If you want to bid on software contributed for charity just reply to this thread with your bid. 1$ bid increment as minimum. I will not accept bids by PM. I will update once daily with the newest bids.

The charity starts now and all auctions end on 11:59:59 p.m on October 31st Central European Time (CET). The CET Timezone can be seen on this page.

When the charity ends I will collect all the funds and send auction winner details to the companies. I will transfer the funds to Save the Children start November, posting a diploma when I receive it by mail.

What can I do to contribute?

Companies and developers. Small and large:
  • Donate software, soundbanks, DAW's etc. for charity. Just let me know what you want to donate and I will take care of the rest.
  • Donate a percentage of October sales/proceeds to the charity event.
Individuals and consumers + people with a good heart:
  • Bid on software on the list below.
  • Buy intensively from the companies who contribute proceeds/sales to the cause.
  • Donate to anyone on the Sound Dev Charity list who got a charity donation button on their website.

The most important thing everyone can do and I cannot amplify the importance of this enough: SPREAD THE WORD! Facebook, Twitter, websites, magazines, e-zines, web-zines or other social media or physical place or if you are an editorial person with access to media or magazine coverage etc. any PR will do. Spreading the word is the most important thing anyone can do to help the charity.

Also, if you know a celebrity in the industry who could be of interest - someone who might help with a single twitter tweet or otherwise spread the word, then please let me know.

I want to join!

Send me a PM or an email to luftrum (a) luftrum.com

To open the Ball: All Luftrum sales (including royalties) during October, after my expenses have been deducted, will go directly into the charity pool. I am also donating one license of each of my soundbanks to highest bidder.

I sincerely hope this will grow, again. As it did in 2011. And as Bob Hope once said: "If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble."

For the children!

- Luftrum.

Sound Dev Charity list:

Note to bidders: It makes sense to assume, that all products on auction for charity are licensed as NFR (Not For Resale) meaning you cannot re-sell the software once you activate the license. I cannot speak for all companies on the list, but you have to assume that unless otherwise stated it's NFR.

Website: www.luftrum.com
Donating: 100% of October proceeds applying to the entire Luftrum portfolio sold via luftrum.com. Donating the royalties of Luftrum: Ambient for Alchemy too + one copy of each soundbank from the Luftrum portfolio and a Reason bunde.
Reason Refill bundle (Luftrum 1, 2, 3 and 5). High bidder: Rabid 50$.
Luftrum 6 (Roland GAIA). High bidder: leenuss 7$.
Luftrum 7 (Glass Viper). High bidder: bongo_x 20$.
Luftrum 8 (Animoog). High bidder: cyphersuit 5$.

Website: www.xoxos.net
Donating: Entire catalogue as a bundle. Bundle worth 25$ (Xoxos does not accept bids from whyterabbit or tuz)
High bidder Xoxos bundle: kx.001 30$.

Ugo Audio
Website: www.ugoaudio.com
Donating: Bundle of all commercial products. Including M-Theory, Dualism, Ironhead, Tunguska, Ironhead Spawn Collection, Metallurgy, Disturbance and all three Rez preset banks: Clockwork, Foundation, and Aurora. Bundle worth 150$.
High bidder UGO bundle: JJBiener 55$.

TCC Samples Packs
Website: http://www.thecontrolcentre.com/samples.htm
Donating: Donating a bundle including the samplepacks below. Bundle worth 200$ when bought from the TCC site. High bidder TCC bundle: pwal 65$.
DARK TERRITORY - Ableton Live Instrument Rack
BITZA BASS GUITAR - Ableton Live Instrument Rack
ANALOG KICKS - Ableton Live Drum Rack
SPIRIT BASS - Ableton Live Instrument Rack
SONOR DRUMS - Ableton Live Drum Rack
THE MARNIETRON - Ableton Live Sampler Instrument
ANALOG SYNTHESIZERS - Ableton Live Sampler Instrument
BEAT GENERATION - 37 bongo loops
TAPE BREAKS VOL.1 - 135 Drum Loops
TAPE BREAKS VOL.2 - 137 Drum Loops
TAPE BREAKS VOL.3 - 157 Drum Loops
ETHNIC PERCUSSION - 74 Percussion Loops
THE INSTRUMENT COLLECTION - 11 Ableton Live Sampler Instruments
BLUE DRUMS XL - 90 Drum Loops
ORANGE DRUMS XL - 365 Drum Loops
YAMAHA 9000 DRUMS - 154 Drum Loops

Simon Stockhausen
Website: http://www.patchpool.de/
Donating: Soundsets and subscriptions. Worth a total of over 320$.
Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro (regular price: 30 Euros) - minimum bid 10 Euros. High bidder: carlbe 20$.
ChromaZone for Chromaphone (regular price: 20 Euros) - minimum bid 6 Euros. High bidder: ZombyWoof 22$.
TripleX for ElectraX (regular price: 28 Euros) - minimum bid 9 Euros. High bidder: GMoneh 12$.
Tremor expansion Tremendous Beatz including the unlimited subscription to my single Tremor Presets and Kits (regular price: 27.50 Euros) - minimum bid 9 Euros. High bidder: kennygarlic 31$.
Alchemistry Metallurgy Bundle - including the licences for Alchemistry Metallurgy and Warped Strings for Alchemy (regular bundle price 45 Euros) - minimum bid 15 Euros. High bidder: kennygarlic 33$.
Alchemistry Bundle - including the licences for Alchemistry and Alchemistry Beyond plus the unlimited subcription to my single Alchemy patches (regular bundle price 80 Euros) - minimum bid 25 Euros. High bidder: Breeze 57€.
Annual subscription to my Iris presets - (current subscription price 30 Euros) - minimum bid 10 Euros. High bidder: ontol 30$.
Modelled Reality for Chromaphone - minimum bid 6 Euros - 8 USD
High bidder: paulbreeze 12$.
Spectral Territory for Razor minimum bid 5 Euros - 7 USD
High bidder: GMoneh 12$.
Bundle Sound Banks Best of absynthsounds Vol 1+2 - minimum bid for the bundle is 10 Euros - 13 USD
High bidder: GMoneh 18$.

Website: www.supersynths.com
Donating: Donating one of each of the products on www.supersynths.com
High bidder GrooveBlox: alvfaria 15$.
High bidder Klang Sampleset: breakmixer 15$.
High bidder Klang Drum Machine: random451 15$.
High bidder Klang Virtual Instrument: alvfaria 15$.
High bidder Monstrous: clamas 15$.
High bidder PRIZM: JJBiener 30$.
High bidder Arcana Sample Set: DavyAch 7$.
High bidder Monstrous Sample Set: U-o 5$.
High bidder Atmos Sample Set: JJBiener 5$.
High bidder BRASSphemy Sample Set: ttoz 10$.
High bidder Brass Atak Sample Set: U-o 1$.
High bidder Southern Style Sample Set: U-o 1$.
High bidder Vocalsphere Sample Set: DavyAch 7$.
High bidder The Kazoo Sample: none.

Ed Ten Eyck
Website: www.edtaudio.com
Donating: Donating 2 x Zebrosis for U-He Zebra and 2 x Textures for TubeOhm Vintage.
High bidder Zebrosis for U-He Zebra #1: GMoneh 20$.
High bidder Zebrosis for U-He Zebra #2: radiohead74 16$.
High bidder Textures for TubeOhm Vintage #1: none.
High bidder Textures for TubeOhm Vintage #2: none.

XLN Audio
Website: www.xlnaudio.com
Donating: Donating 1 Addictive Drums and 1 Addictive Keys - Studio Collection. Each worth 179€.
High bidder Addictive Drums: paulbreeze 55$.
High bidder Addictive Keys - Studio Collection: budweiser 100$.

IK Multimedia
Website: www.ikmultimedia.com
Donating: Donating AmpliTube 3 and T-RackS 3 Deluxe.
High bidder AmpliTube 3: Rabid 100$.
High bidder T-RackS 3 Deluxe: bluedad 87$.

HG Fortune
Website: www.hgf-synthesizer.de
Donating: Donating 1 x Ghost Machine Suite Pro, 1 x Scapes Wizard 2 Pro, 1 x Serenity Pro and 1 x Ultra Swamp Pro. Altogether worth approx 255$
High bidder Ghost Machine Suite Pro: CrystalWizard 10$.
High bidder Scapes Wizard 2 Pro: Gonga 10$.
High bidder Serenity Pro: Gonga 15$.
High bidder Ultra Swamp Pro: Gonga 15$.

Website: www.soundsdivine.com
Donating: Donating a soundset for each of the synths below. Also donating one Monotron Delay and one Monotron Duo for the charity, both are new and unopened!
High bidder Monotron Duo: vurt 35$.
High bidder Monotron Delay: thecontrolcentre 35$.
High bidder Soundset for Aalto: jensa 6$.
High bidder Soundset for ACE: radiohead74 24$.
High bidder Soundset for Diva: radiohead74 21$.
High bidder Soundset for impOSCar: EvilDragon 5$.
High bidder Soundset for Largo: EvilDragon 5$.
High bidder Soundset for Minimonsta: EvilDragon 5$.
High bidder Soundset for Oddity: C.Bennett 5$.
High bidder Soundset for PolyKB: jsp1979 8$.
High bidder Soundset for Sawer: sonicpowa 10$.
High bidder Soundset for Strobe: ontol 5$.
High bidder Soundset for SynthiX: none.
High bidder Soundset for Vanguard: audington 5$.

Coincidental Music
Website: www.coincidentalmusic.com
Donating: Donating for auction two soundsets, Happy Hour for Lounge Lizard EP-3 and Prism Sticks for Chromaphone.
High bidder Happy Hour for Lounge Lizard EP-3: paulbreeze 5$.
High bidder Prism Sticks for Chromaphone: paulbreeze 12$.

Ghostwave Audio
Website: www.ghostwaveaudio.com
Donating: 2 x bundles of two commercials patch banks, Organic Manipulations for Synplant and Orange Crush for Permut8. Worth 13.8€
High bidder Ghostwave Bundle #1: bongo_x 5$.
High bidder Ghostwave Bundle #2: jensa 6$.

Synth Magic
Website: www.synthmagic.co.uk
Donating: Donating all the Kontakt instruments from www.synthmagic.co.uk + also donating 50 percent of all sales from now until the end of October for all existing products!
High bidder JENSX 3000: pekadan 22$.
High bidder Sounds of the Quadra: streifentier 35$.
High bidder Polychrome: pekadan 30$.
High bidder Logan Big Band: jensa 17$.
High bidder Phobos: DavyAch 7$.
High bidder Logan Vocalist: DavyAch 20$.
High bidder Digital Love Child: streifentier 35$.
High bidder Zed80 vol. 1: streifentier 15.
High bidder Zed80 vol. 2: streifentier 15$.

Website: www.naviretlav.com/refill
Donating: Donating a Reason ReFill bundle worth 100$. The bundle consists of sound banks and effect patches for Propellerhead Reason.
High bidder Naviretlav Reason Bundle: Rabid 30$.

Camel Audio
Website: www.camelaudio.com
Donating: Alchemy v1.5 ($249) CamelPhat ($85) CamelSpace ($85) and a Sound Library Of Buyers Choice ($59)
High bidder Alchemy v1.5: radiohead74 180$.
High bidder CamelPhat: radiohead74 43$.
High bidder CamelSpace: radiohead74 43$.
High bidder Sound Library Of Buyers Choice: radiohead74 64$.

Rob Lee
Website: www.roblee-music.com
Donating: £100 Cash from Rob himself + all soundsets on Rob Lee's site as a bundle value = 252.50£ (winning bidder can choose to keep soundsets for the synths he owns and sell the rest if he doesn't have the synth, the winning bidder can sell soundsets he doesn't want for exactly the price it says on my website)
High bidder Rob Lee bundle: Jrednoble 45$.

Website: www.steinberg.net
Donating: 1 x license for Padshop Pro and 1 x license for Retrologue.
High bidder Padshop Pro: Karmacomposer 65$.
High bidder Retrologue: ftech 50$.

Yuroun Sound Design
Website: www.yuroun-sound.net
Donating: 45% of sales (during October) will go to the charity.

Website: www.electric-himalaya.com
Donating: Offer sound sets for Tassman 4, String Studio VS-1, Rhino2, Korg MonoPoly and Saurus.
High bidder AAS Tassman 4 'Electronic Toolkit': bongo_x 25$.
High bidder AAS String Studio VS-1 'Dreamstate': Breeze 15$.
High bidder BigTick Rhino2 'Sequence and Motion' + 'Electro Funk': JJBiener 10$.
High bidder Korg MonoPoly KLC 'Funk Retrospective': baconpriest 10$.
High bidder Tone2 Saurus 'Old Volt': TheoM 20$.

Website: www.goldbaby.co.nz
Donating: Donating a huge Goldbaby Drums Bundle, consisting of all 18 sample packs from the product portfolio of goldbaby.co.nz. Bundle worth 562$ if bought individually.
High bidder Goldbaby Drums Bundle: buttrock 195$.

Website: www.linplug.com
Donating: Donating licenses for Alpha, MorphoX, Relectro and the brand new CrX4. Software worth over 1000$.
High bidder LinPlug Alpha #1: seismic1 40$.
High bidder LinPlug Alpha #2: Yuroun 50$.
High bidder LinPlug MorphoX #1: pekadan 95$.
High bidder LinPlug MorphoX #2: JJBiener 95$.
High bidder LinPlug CrX4 #1: Tpot 100$.
High bidder LinPlug CrX4 #2: jensa 91$.
High bidder LinPlug CrX4 #3: cyphersuit 92$.
High bidder LinPlug Relectro #1: Zombie Queen 50$.
High bidder LinPlug Relectro #2: pekadan 50$.

Moog Music
Website: www.moogmusic.com
Donating: Donating a Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer for the charity fundraising.
High bidder Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer: vurt 580$.

Sonic Charge
Website: www.soniccharge.com
Donating: Donating 1 x Full 4 Product Bundle of MicroTonic, Synplant, Bitspeek and Permut8 ($293 + VAT), 1 x Synplant ($99 + VAT), 1 x MicroTonic ($99 + VAT), 1 x Permut8 ($66 + VAT) and 1 x Bitspeek ($29 + VAT)
High bidder Full 4 Product Bundle: jethrobull 125$.
High bidder Synplant: C.Bennett 60$.
High bidder MicroTonic: DarkHorseAudio 70$.
High bidder Permut8: Rabid 50$.
High bidder Bitspeek: Rabid 25$.

Website: www.roughdiamondproductions.com/whiteLABEL
Donating: Donating all proceeds from sales of whiteLABEL plugins up to 31st October (after paypal fees) straight in the charity pot!

Website: www.reaper.fm
Donating: Donating 5 x Full Commercial Reaper Licenses (worth 225$ each) to the charity.
High bidder Reaper license #1: random451 75$.
High bidder Reaper license #2: satYatunes 75$.
High bidder Reaper license #3: Breeze 75$.
High bidder Reaper license #4: mabian 66$.
High bidder Reaper license #5: Yudaidhun 70$.

Website: www.fingerpushers.com
Donating: Donating the entire Fingerpusher catalogue for charity, consisting of NI Kontakt instruments.
High bidder Superstructure: Shabdahbriah 10$.
High bidder Infected: Shabdahbriah 10$.
High bidder Synth Drums Virus - Drum Kits: Gonga 5$.
High bidder Synth Drums Virus - Loops: Gonga 5$.

Sugar Bytes
Website: www.sugar-bytes.com
Donating: Donating a license of Turnado and Cyclop to the fund raising.
High bidder Turnado: Rabid 110$.
High bidder Cyclop: synthmagic 100$.

Website: www.fxpansion.com
Donating: Donating licenses for Etch (99$), DCAM: Dynamics (99$), DCAM: Synth Squad (249$) and Geist (249$).
High bidder Etch: Shabdahbriah 50$.
High bidder DCAM: Dynamics: ttoz 70$.
High bidder DCAM: Synth Squad: Rabid 120$.
High bidder Geist: ClaRago 150$.

Website: www.xils-lab.com
Donating: Donating licenses of Oxium, Chor'X and LeMasque:Delay to the charity.
High bidder Oxium: burkek 80$.
High bidder Chor'X: GMoneh 32$.
High bidder LeMasque:Delay: GMoneh 38$.

Website: www.fabfilter.com
Donating: Donating a Creative Bundle ($429 value) and Mastering Bundle ($449 value) for auction.
High bidder Creative Bundle: DJMashbot 250$.
High bidder Mastering Bundle: sunhome 240$.

Website: www.sknote.it
Donating: Donating a bundle of Roundtone + Presence (tape machines + exciters, GTS-39 (vintage tube limiter), Verbtone + Necklace (plate reverb + spring reverb), StripBus + Cuttertone (console emulations + compressors + vinyl cutter), Grasso + Mattertone (saturation + dynamic control), EQ1 (analog modeling of MCAudioLab equaliser), C165a (analog modeling of a classic compressor), Rev250 (vintage reverb with vintage and modern modes), Stagespace (algorithmic reverb). If the owner has a single license among these, it will be replaced with something of similar value.
High bidder SKnote Bundle: jdavis3 175$.

Website: www.d16.pl
Donating: Donating 2 x Total Bundles (759$ each) to the fund raising! Bundles contain LuSH-101.
High bidder Total Bundle #1: Rabid 220$.
High bidder Total Bundle #2: mode1 230$.

Website: www.propellerheads.se
Donating: Propellerhead contributes Balance - their award-winning audio interface, compatible with all music software. Balance also comes with Reason Essentials, ReWire capable music software that hosts Rack Extensions. A €429/$449 value.
High bidder Balance: Rabid 210$.

Sonalksis Ltd.
Website: www.sonalksis.com
Donating: Kindly contributing with 1 x Essentials bundle ($400), 1 x Multiband dynamics bundle ($450), 1 x Creative elements bundle ($250) and 1 x Mastering Suite bundle ($600) to the good cause.
High bidder Essentials bundle: radiohead74 105$.
High bidder Multiband dynamics bundle: thelizard 68$.
High bidder Creative elements bundle: pekadan 90$.
High bidder Mastering Suite bundle: radiohead74 85$.

Resonance Sound
Website: www.resonance-sound.com
Donating: 3 soundset copies - the 3 winning bids can choose a soundset of either Resonance Sound, Sounds of Revolution or CFA-Sound.
High bidder Soundset #1: yevster 18$.
High bidder Soundset #2: audington 16$.
High bidder Soundset #3: xamido 20$.

Eduardo Tarilonte
Website: www.eduardotarilonte.com
Donating: Donating award winning sample libraries to the fund raising! 1 x Era Medieval Legends, 1 x Epic World, 1 x Forest Kingdom and 1 x Desert Winds.
High bidder Era Medieval Legends: kennygarlic 150$.
High bidder Epic World: kennygarlic 150$.
High bidder Forest Kingdom: kennygarlic 150$.
High bidder Desert Winds: cyphersuit 120$.

Synapse Audio
Website: www.synapse-audio.com
Donating: Donating a license of their DAW Orion to the charity.
High bidder Orion: seismic1 55$.

Native Instruments
Website: www.native-instruments.com
Donating: Donating their new version of Maschine! The ultimate integrated hardware/software system for beatmaking and professional production. The new Maschine is released October 1st. Maschine is a 599€ value.
High bidder Maschine: dredd i knight 450$.

Website: www.u-he.com
Donating: Urs & Co. are contributing with two good bundles to the fund raising. 1 x Synth Bundle consisting of Diva, ACE and Zebra and 1 x Effects Bundle containing MFM2, Uhbik and Filterscape.
High bidder Synth Bundle: radiohead74 340$.
High bidder Effects Bundle: radiohead74 320$.

Website: www.voxengo.com
Donating: Voxengo are offering two bundles of these mastering plugins to the auction: Voxengo CurveEQ, Voxengo Elephant, Voxengo Polysquasher and Voxengo Soniformer - worth 281$ each.
High bidder Voxengo bundle #1: jdavis3 125$.
High bidder Voxengo bundle #2: Shifrin 130$.

Blue Cat Audio
Website: www.bluecataudio.com
Donating: Would be glad to participate to the fund raising, donating a license for the Analysis Pack (299$), and another for the Energy Pack bundle (459$).
High bidder Analysis Pack: jdavis3 135$.
High bidder Energy Pack: winds350 95$.

Website: www.tone2.com
Donating: Gladly offering three donations: Gladiator2 bundle consisting of Gladiator2, Electronic expansion, Dance & Trance expansion, State of Art expansion, Progression soundbank and Workstation soundbank. ElectraX bundle consisting of ElectraX & three ElectraX soundbanks of buyers choice and finally a Saurus bundle consisting of Saurus & the Analog soundset.
High bidder Gladiator2 bundle: ClaRago 130$.
High bidder ElectraX bundle: borkman 160$.
High bidder Saurus bundle: TheoM 100$.

Website: www.image-line.com
Donating: Donating a license of FL Studio Producer Edition to the charity (downloadable, worth 199$).
High bidder FL Studio Producer Edition: rj0 100$.

Website: www.cableguys.de
Donating: Donating one Cableguys Bundle (worth 199$), and one license of Curve 2 (will be out Oct 1, worth 159$), FilterShaper 2 (69$), VolumeShaper 3 (20$) and MidiShaper (30$).
High bidder Cableguys Bundle: radiohead74 130$.
High bidder Curve 2: GMoneh 115$.
High bidder FilterShaper 2: Breeze 40$.
High bidder VolumeShaper 3: Shabdahbriah 20$.
High bidder MidiShaper: Shabdahbriah 20$.

Website: www.2caudio.com
Donating: ...are happy to participate and are donating one Aether, one B2, and one Breeze. This is $650 value.
High bidder Aether: ontol 175$.
High bidder B2: ontol 160$.
High bidder Breeze: hersisson612 85$.

Audio Damage
Website: www.audiodamage.com
Donating: Glad to participate. As per last year, Audio Damage are donating one of their Everything Bundles. This bundle includes 20 effects and three instruments, everything Audio Damage makes. Price if purchased separately: 1013$.
High bidder Everything Bundle: Rabid 320$.

KV331 Audio
Website: www.kv331audio.com
Donating: Are contributing with 1 SynthMaster license ($129), 1 Rob Lee EDM expansion packs (bundle) for SynthMaster ($100) and 1 Nori Ubukata expansion packs (bundle) for SynthMaster ($60)
High bidder SynthMaster license: ClaRago 95$.
High bidder Rob Lee packs: Jrednoble 45$.
High bidder Nori Ubukata packs : ttoz 30$.

Website: www.mutools.com
Donating: MuTools wants to participate in the Save the Children charity by donating 2 MuLab UL user licenses and 2 MUX Vst user licenses.
High bidder MuLab UL user license #1: angelremington 45$.
High bidder MuLab UL user license #2: secretkillerofnames 40$.
High bidder MUX Vst user license #1: paulbreeze 35$.
High bidder MUX Vst user license #2: dredd i knight 40$.

Team DNR
Website: www.teamdnr.net
Donating: Donating a license for WaveDesigner and a license for MixControl Pro to the charity.
High bidder WaveDesigner: Yuroun 20$.
High bidder MixControl Pro: JunkMaster 15$.

Loomer Audio
Website: www.loomer.co.uk
Donating: Are happy to help by donating a complete Loomer bundle (Aspect, Manifold, Resound, Sequent, String, Shift2).
High bidder Loomer bundler: kylie 240$.

Website: www.synthedit.com
Donating: Donating a license of SynthEdit to the fund raising!
High bidder SynthEdit: Yudaidhun 50$.

Inear Display
Website: www.ineardisplay.com
Donating: Donating 3 complete bundles of Inear Display plugins (this includes 4 plugins).
High bidder Inear Display bundle #1: JJBiener 30$.
High bidder Inear Display bundle #2: ftech 35$.
High bidder Inear Display bundle #3: DJMashbot 35$.

Website: www.soniccouture.com
Donating: Donating a bundle of a complete set of download products from the Soniccouture range - a 3000$ value! The bundle includes: CrowdChoir | Glass Works | Ondes | Xtended Piano | Novachord | eBow Guitar | The Conservatoire Collection | EP73 Deconstructed | Broken Wurli | Electric Pianos Live Pack | Omnichord | Philicorda |Array Mbira | Pan Drums | Morpheus | GuZheng | The Skiddaw Stones | Tingklik | KIM | Tremors Vol.2 | Tremors Vol.1 | Abstrakt Breaks | Abstrakt Breaks 2 | Konkrete 1 | Konkrete 2 | Scriptorium | Synthi AKS | Balinese Gamelan Professional Edition
High bidder Sonniccouture Complete bundle: Echoes in the Attic 570$.

Website: www.meldaproduction.com
Donating: Donating four great bundles to the charity pool. 1 x MMTotalBundle, 1 x MMasteringBundle, 1 x MMixingBundle and 1 x MCreativeBundle - a total value of 1700$.
High bidder MMTotalBundle: audington 290$.
High bidder MMasteringBundle: DJMashbot 110$.
High bidder MMixingBundle: winds350 130$.
High bidder MCreativeBundle : relayer 100$.

Roland Scandinavia
Website: www.roland.dk
Donating: Contributing with a SONAR X1 Production Suite to the charity!
High bidder SONAR X1 Production Suite: coincidental 95$.
Auction notice about SONAR X1 auction: To be able to receive the free X2 upgrade (an offer that expires on the same day as the charity auction) the auction on SONAR X1 ends two days earlier than the rest of the auctions, it ends on October 29th 11:59 PM KVR Time.

Rob Papen
Website: www.robpapen.com
Donating: Donating several licenses to the good cause. 2 x Blade, 2 x Predator and 2 x SubBoomBass.
High bidder Blade #1: Rabid 70$.
High bidder Blade #2: radiohead74 72$.
High bidder Predator #1: ClaRago 95$.
High bidder Predator #2: Triggerpad 90$.
High bidder SubBoomBass #1: nickman 55$.
High bidder SubBoomBass #2: szalonykp 55$.

Driven Machine Drums
Website: www.drivenmachinedrums.com
Donating: Donating 1 x Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back Deluxe (retailing $87) and 1 x Custom Designed Electronic Drum Kit (16 sounds) based on the winner's inspiration/style/desire. Not hardware, just custom designed sounds with my outboard sound gear for Maschine, Kontakt, Guru, Geist or EXS-24. This will be exclusive to the winner. Not for resale.
High bidder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back Deluxe: dpg499 50$.
High bidder Custom Designed Electronic Drum Kit: burkek 100$.

Cakewalk, Inc.
Website: www.cakewalk.com
Donating: Donating 1 x copy of SONAR X2 Producer Edition and 1 x copy of Z3TA+ 2 for people to bid on.
High bidder SONAR X2 Producer Edition: Yudaidhun 170$.
High bidder Z3TA+ 2: ClaRago 70$.

Website: www.manytone.com
Donating: Will donate for auction: 1 copy of ManyBass, 1 copy of ManyGuitar, 1 copy of our Upright Bass sample pack in Kontakt, Soundfont or ManyTone/Wusik format. 1 copy of our Fretless Bass in Kontakt, or ManyTone/Wusik format. 1 copy of our Ultimate Bass Kit (UBK) sample pack in Soundfont or ManyTone/Wusik format. (this one is not available in Kontakt format)
High bidder ManyBass: JunkMaster 25$.
High bidder ManyGuitar: random451 25$.
High bidder Upright Bass: JunkMaster 20$.
High bidder Fretless Bass: JunkMaster 15$.
High bidder Ultimate Bass Kit: JunkMaster 15$.

Website: www.aiynzahev-sounds.com
Donating: I will donate: Three Auctions for my entire soundset library, including the new bank for LuSH-101 and anything else I've released by the time the auction ends.
High bidder Aiynzahev bundle #1: dmaestas 40$.
High bidder Aiynzahev bundle #2: ftech 40$.
High bidder Aiynzahev bundle #3: K-Slash 50$.

Website: www.m-rgt.com
Donating: Offering the suite of M-RGT products (psyBOX, Ambitron and psyGEN) for bidding. The total retail price of all three would be $79.50.
High bidder M-RGT bundle: JJBiener 40$.
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Postby cyphersuit; Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:55 am

I currently have a license of Waves CLA Guitars in the marketplace. I would gladly give this away within this years charity.
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Postby Luftrum; Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:01 am

cyphersuit wrote:I currently have a license of Waves CLA Guitars in the marketplace. I would gladly give this away within this years charity.

Kind of you cyphersuit, thanks! Would you mind selling the license in the market place and donate the amount you get to the charity? That would be great, thanks. You can mention in the thread that the amount will be donated to charity, that will hopefully boost the sale a bit.
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Postby Sampleconstruct; Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:18 pm

Great Luftrum, so here we go again :)

I am contributing the following items for bidding auction:
1 licence for my soundset Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro (regular price: 30 Euros) - minimum bid 10 Euros

1 licence for my soundset ChromaZone for Chromaphone (regular price: 20 Euros) - minimum bid 6 Euros)

1 licence for my soundset TripleX for ElectraX (regular price: 28 Euros) - minimum bid 9 Euros

1 licence for my Tremor expansion Tremendous Beatz including the unlimited subscription to my single Tremor Presets and Kits (regular price: 27.50 Euros) - minimum bid 9 Euros

1 Alchemistry Metallurgy Bundle - including the licences for Alchemistry Metallurgy and Warped Strings for Alchemy
(regular bundle price 45 Euros) - minimum bid: 15 Euros

1 Alchemistry Bundle - including the licences for Alchemistry and Alchemistry Beyond plus the unlimited subcription to my single Alchemy patches (regular bundle price 80 Euros) - minimum bid: 25 Euros

1 licence fo the Annual subscription to my Iris presets - (current subscription price 30 Euros) - minimum bid: 10 Euros

All patchpool products are NFR.

I might contribute other items as well depending on how this campaign will progress. Just place your bids in this thread, in the end the payment goes directly to Luftrum and he will supply me with the contact info of the person who placed the highest bid on each item.

Bring it on!

EDIT: updated minimum bids.
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Postby thecontrolcentre; Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:30 pm

I'm in ... sent you a PM. :)
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Postby Luftrum; Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:44 pm

Four new developers have joined us this very day of the charity kick-off. Thank you Xoxos, Ugo Audio, TCC and Simon Stockhausen. Things are starting out good.

I am off to bed now. Got a house full of kids awakening me at 6 AM. 8)
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Postby V'ger; Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:52 pm

Great stuff again Luftrum, hat off for the initiative. :clap:
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Postby Karmacomposer; Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:53 pm

Just sent you a PM.

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Postby Karmacomposer; Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:28 am


You forgot my soundsets.

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Postby paulbreeze; Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:34 am

Since part of the original thread was moved with our bids, here again ... ;)

I bid 60 USD for Addictive Keys - Studio Collection .
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Postby Luftrum; Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:37 am

Uhmmm.... what happened? Why are 4 pages missing?
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Postby paulbreeze; Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:38 am

One of the moderators (probably bluedad[*]?) spitted the thread and moved Tricky-Loops' discussion into a separate one. Unfortunately some bids got moved also...


[*] http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic ... 96#5068096
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Postby thecontrolcentre; Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:00 am

WTF? Why has this thread been split?
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Postby alvfaria; Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:01 am

Let's start

Klang: $15
Groovebloks: $15
AmpliTube 3: $20
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Postby Luftrum; Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:03 am

thecontrolcentre wrote:WTF? Why has this thread been split?

No worries, I guess bluedad with good intention was trying to get rid of some bad vibes, I'm sure he will look into it later and glue the thread back together.
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