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Postby MvdP; Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:41 am Brass plug-in with realistic double tonguing


I am looking for a realistic brass plug-in. However, I did find find one (apart from EWQL's hollywood brass) that has double-tonguing listed in the available articulations. I have looked at:
- Mojo: Horn Section
- Chris Hein (compact)
- The trumpet (Sample Modeling)

I would like to have at least a solo trumpet, sax and trombone, even if that menas that I would need three separate plug-ins.

Does anybody know if this artuculation is available in one of the three plug-ins I have looked at? Is the articulations perhaps named differently?

Or any other suggestions for realistic plug-ins?
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Postby jancivil; Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:56 am

are you asking about a sample that produces more than one attack during the note-on? VSL has 'repetitions' at various BPMs for solo instruments that are literally multiple tonguings on the same note. beyond that I don't know. WarpIV ST Pro has a short staccato I use for quick passsages; NB: a wind or brass player is resorting to tactics of double tounguing when running out of time for single tonguing; triple tonguing to a virtuoso that's been trained for it is about a triplet effect, so some go with a pure ta ka ta/ta ka ta so the first of three is sharper, but this is a lot of detail. It might be notated in a classical score but a show or jazz band score not so much, as so often it's just down to the individual handling a fast passage. If it's the effect of repetitions on one note I find the articulations eg., 'repetitions 170BPM' is a stonger effect in VSL and of course a time-saver. Again there is a difference in the specificity, vis a vis classical approach typically. Interestingly enough the staccato in the WarpIV, a jazz lib, is quite a bit more 'blast' so I can get strong reps with it, vs VSL.

just in terms of information, if you see 'flutter' or flutter-tonguing that's a different matter so don't take it as the same.

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