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MMultiBandLimiter clipping, why?

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Postby arcanemethods; Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:40 am MMultiBandLimiter clipping, why?

Using MMultiBandLimiter with default 2-band limiter preset and getting clipped waveforms with very audible consequences. I probably shouldn't even be touching this thing since I have a very limited understanding of dynamics processing but I thought one of the most common uses of a limiter was to intelligently eliminate 0 dB clipping. From the default 2-band setting can someone suggest what I should change to get rid of the clipping?

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Postby MeldaProduction; Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:25 pm

I'm not sure if you are describing what it actually is - I assume you are hearing some distortion. This may not (and probably isn't) clipping actually. This just means you are driving the limiter too hard.

Try this:

1) Disable the limiter and watch the master peak meter in your host. If it is constantly above 0dB, then lower the master volume. It can go above 0dB, but only occasionally and just a little.

2) Ensure any following plugin will receive the signal with lowered gain!!!
It is extremely important to properly learn to use your host. For example in Cubase you just need to use one of the 2 lower insert slots. In most other hosts you may need to setup a special bus (or use a dedicated gain plugin).

2) If you are not aiming for increasing loudness, then just use MLimiter (being a saturator) to get rid of the occasional peaks, or MDynamicsLimiter (being a broadband limiter).

If you want to increase loudness, add MMultiBandLimiter and drive it as much as needed. If you hear distortion, it is just too much - lower the drive or try a different preset. Usually the more bands, the more transparent it will be.

I suggest checking this tutorial:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ylwxMYo ... ature=mhee
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