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Tetra -- dansbaar

Share your music, collaborate, and partake in monthly music contests.

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8330 posts since 12 Mar, 2012, from South Bavaria - near the alps... :-)

Postby Tricky-Loops; Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:00 pm

A bit lo-fi but nice song... But you can even use the lo-fiest sounds and your songwriting is still good! :)

My only critique is that the delayed claps are a bit repetitive...
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Narcissistic Messiah
4548 posts since 7 Apr, 2002, from https://soundcloud.com/remcoh

Postby Emerald Tablet; Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:16 am

Tricky-Loops wrote:A bit lo-fi but nice song... But you can even use the lo-fiest sounds and your songwriting is still good! :)

My only critique is that the delayed claps are a bit repetitive...

thanks for listening!
youre right. needs some more work
perhaps tonight after my 9to5
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59 posts since 9 Aug, 2013, from The Hague, The Netherlands

Postby EatMe; Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:09 am

Emerald Tablet wrote:www.youreallfree.com/music/YAF_tetra.mp3


will you PLEASE use proper bulletin board code for your songs URL?

[url=http://www.youreallfree.com/music/YAF_tetra.mp3]You're All Free - Tetra.mp3[/url]

The music tracker doesn't like your links. I think it was even broken by Tranquility.

Furthermore, this was an okay song, I'd expect more dynamics in the present part of the synths after 02:00 to be cut or build up and down, maybe shift some octaves up somewhere.. A little bit of a drone in the presence now after 02:00. The building up to the 02:00 is quite attractive, the harmonics were good and the mixing isn't that bad. The song structure and dynamics are in my opinion still something that can be built out more after the 02:00 mark. I feel as if devastating some frequencies with filtering/equalizing on seperate parts in the present and clashing frequencies may enhance each sounds own place in the mix, maybe some other filter progression could make more flow. Also, the bass is maybe a bit unpeaky and can have (multiple) compressor with a long to not that short attack or a volume enveloppe with loud attack/short sustain on the bass synth sound. Keeping (some) bass notes pluck short and more gated can improve the groove. The outtro needs another drumpart for just a few meisures maybe, as in comparision to the long intro the outro is unfinished. Also, try to compress not all channels but some with the kick fully reducing that sound, maybe add a few different sidechaining channels for other sounds, so that some sounds are not completely reduced by the kick. I try to emulate the sidechaining also sometimes by an LFO with an envelope that follows the desired sidechaining effect on level(s) of sound(s). Thank you for sharing the music you made. Merry Christmas, keep up.

EatMe out.
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4275 posts since 5 Aug, 2006, from UK - Here!

Postby folderol; Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:04 am

Nearly missed this. Love it! :love:
It wasn't me! (well, actually, it probably was)

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