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Postby zurg; Mon May 26, 2014 6:04 pm Stuck in a RUT

Hey guys, so i'm stuck facing this obstacle and I'd so appreciate anyone who could give a little nudge. I'm writing this track which I've been on for about 3 days now and it's a hyrbid of trance and trap. I can't for the life of me EQ the main chord synths together :[ I had em good in the beginning but I had that was the creation process, now i'm in the mixdown.. I feel my drum volumes are okay and heck, maybe even the synth volumes. But what i cant seem to do is get these 3 synths to make love together. I've got a saw in the low mid/beginning of mid section, another in the full mid, and a last one which adds a bit more depth into the mid and leaks into the upper mid section. any tips on synth mixdowns? I'm really into this track and i would also love to hear what you guys think of this idea. Cheers fellas.

p.s. any thing else in the mix that seems could use some more mixing treatment?


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