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Postby GRIEF3R; Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:51 pm Introduction to me.

Hey, most of you on the internet know me a "GRIEF3R" I don't want any confusion by which I mean that I am not a griefer, it is just a stage name and artist/producer name.

So a little bit about my self, I produce music using Alesis Elevate 5 (1 Active, 1 Passive), a MIDI Synth (MPK249) and a Lenovo E320 Thinkpad Edge (Win7). I am also 15 and at school, currently I am doing BTEC Level 1 at my school but I feel too "good" for Level 1 as I know literally more than my teacher about producing, she didn't even know what modular synthesis was (If you don't know, a good example is the moog synths). However I don't mind it and learn some stuff from it, for example I use logic in BTEC L1 rather than Ableton Live 9 like I do at home. I also live in Southampton, UK, it is good, the summers are nice as well as the fact that I am close to Bournemouth beach where I surf and shred the waves during 'summer' <-- my new album, fully released on the 29th of July 2014.

About 25ish I will try to get some money to build my own studio instead of wasting £100 per song at a local non personalised studio. And from there I hope to produce constantly, creating what I love most... music.

Thank you for your time reading a rough guideline for my future.

My SoundCloud, please give positive and constructive criticism:


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Postby thecontrolcentre; Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:10 pm Re: Introduction to me.

Welcome to KVR. Its a great place to learn and share your musical knowledge. Lots of cool free stuff too. :)
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Postby AstateMusic; Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:17 pm Re: Introduction to me.

Ideas are nice, made some nice 4/4 pounders which would work in the clubs. Got potential man so keep at it.

More constructive feedback: Musically, you should expand more on tracks. Melodically and structure wise. You make the rolling type of house music, the type of stuff you would hear carl cox or pryda playing. Tracks that roll on the same type of beat for like 10 mins, however, in your case i think it would sound a lot better if you added in more breakdowns, variation in elements and expanded on melodies more to keep your tracks sounding fresh and not repetitive and boring. Also, work on your mixing and mastering. I hear a lot of high and low end distortion in the tracks as it sound like all the elements are fighting to the center stage. Figure out what elements are center and have other less important parts in the background and make use of panning.It sounds like you push your tracks too much in the master aswell which you should be carefull of as it can crush the quality of a track in the blink of an eye.

Like i said, keep going man, all the things i said are things to write down and work on and eventually you will get a lot better at them. Good stuff!
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Postby GRIEF3R; Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:38 pm Re: Introduction to me.

Thank you for the really nice feedback, it is so great to feel welcome as a new(ish) producer to the industry. Thank you soooooooo much Astate music for your time describing areas that I can work on and I will take on board any information I can because I this is my dream job and I want to make the most of the "early years" as I can; to really get to grips before learning on a much larger scale than I am now.

Thank you!!! :)

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