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Postby paul.g.griffiths; Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:04 pm Re: Some samples and a crossfader mix - surprisingly decent, it gets better

Perhaps not so decent, but shows quite a bit I guess. Has potential in parts and I like my ending rollback wheel of fortune effect.

Am only playing around so gets a bit much.

To be honest when I producing tribal it's a bit mad but that's not in this.
I like making sounds and hearing what comes out.
I've probably heard more drumbeat variations than most peoples lifetimes and have produced many strange effects like drumbeats crashing together, popcorn, morph, elastic crossfader which is the timing stretching in and out, and more. You come across a lot of effects some a few times a week.

I've produced a lot of music over the last few years.

Crossbeat drumming is worth learning because it save a lot of time and is live. Though takes a year or 2 to become decent enough for people to hear.
I've been doing it for about 4 years.

I can defiantly produce a sound to dance to though have never played around with a crowd.

I could probably fill the charts up in a few hours though am a bit worried to do so. People need to eat.
I could do with some competition to be honest to see what that can do.

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