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Postby nerd; Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:06 pm happy vlog sound


I'm posting this because I want to get somewhere with my occasional music.
I like it myself, but I don't like that it has to be a stompy thing that is not smooth.
I could need any musical feedback, e.g. what to try in general, like working more with synths, or more with acoustic things? Playing keyboard? don't know. :) Thanks a lot!

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Postby sjm; Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:08 am Re: happy vlog sound

I quite like it too, but there's a few things in there I also don't like.

The worst offender to my ears is the background synth - laden with white noise or high frequency FM stuff - that comes in at 0:21 or so. It's all over the stereo field and interacting horribly with the rest of your track. It works better when it calms down a bit and just plays the long note bursts. But I remain unconvinced that the patch is really working as intended. You're in the ballpark though; I can hear what it's supposed to sound like!

It's also slightly problematic in what I will call the chorus (about 1 minutes in), but the way it interacts with the glitches on the samples works a lot better. There's a lot less conflict sonically to my ears. Anyway, I think you need to revisit that patch.

The other thing that I think is contributing a bit to the lack of smoothness - in terms of the "big picture" - is that the transitions, while not awkward, don't sound quite finished. I'm thinking some sort of upwards pitch bend at 0:20 for example, and maybe some cartoony bounce/boing sounds here and there. Something to tie everything together a little bit more. Right now there's part 1 and then part 2, but nothing that ties the two together in the last bar of part 1.

The chorus is pretty funky/interesting with the glitches, you should (IMO) have that section repeat at least one more time in the song.
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