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Googly Smythe
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Postby Googly Smythe; Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:46 pm Cumulus Oscurus - more of the same old same old.

Cumulus Oscurus - 13th in the 1968 series.
If it was trance I'd say it was of the uplifting variety.
It's not trance, but I think it's still uplifting.
Bassline ripped off from Stratus by Mr William Cobham.


WAV downloadable from here...
https://soundcloud.com/googly-smythe/19 ... -gone-band

Enjoy! And have a good summer. :tu: (Or winter, if you're south of the equator...) :tu: :tu:

Nerds Corner:
The video is simply a recording of the track being played in the Window Media Player.

Instrumentation is all HALion 5 except:
The brass - East West Brass
The Vox - EastWest Choirs
The bass - AmpleSound ABY

Plugins- a cast of tousands including on tracks:
Waves TG12345 on drums;
Markbass on er, bass;
bx 2098 eq and bx Acme/bx Opto comps on the rest.

On groups/buses.subs:
Waves REDD 37/57 + Waves API2500 on drums
Wvaes REDD 17 + Waves API2500 on bass
Millenia eq + Vertigo VCS on the rest.

On the master (deep breath!):
A meter, Digital v3, bx Limiter, Vertigo VSM, another meter, Satin (flange mode), Alpha comp, Waves RS56, bx XL, Dangerous Bax, Standard Clip, and the Cubase stock limiter. That last one because it's rubbish when pushed even a little hard, so one has to keep the levels down before the final out to the hardware.

I should mention that none of these fx are working even remotely hard at all - just 2-3 dbs of gain reduction, 1-2 dbs of eq boost/cut. It's the Accumulation Principle at work.

Valhalla VintageVerb, Satin for echo and (on the master buss) flanging.
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Postby wagtunes; Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:58 pm Re: Cumulus Oscurus - more of the same old same old.

My Feedback

Music - 10
Instruments - 9
Performance - 9.5
Mix 9.5

Overall - 9.5

Comments: Love the vocal samples on this and the EWQL choirs. Mix is just a tad muddy in spots. Not sure if bass or something else. Otherwise, off the charts fantastic stuff. One of the best tracks I've heard on this sub forum.
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Postby AngelCityOutlaw; Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:36 am Re: Cumulus Oscurus - more of the same old same old.

To me, this has a lot in common with like...90s big beat and trip hop music, which I love.

My only complaint is that the vocals and brass are a tad too fake-sounding for my tastes. Though it's been my experience that orchestral brass libraries are really tricky to use in a "soul" sort of setting like what you've got here. Lovin' the organ btw

One day I'll buy session horns. Probably...maybe.
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Postby experimental.crow; Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:01 pm Re: Cumulus Oscurus - more of the same old same old.

i'm a sucker for '70's fusion , and i love this endeavor ...

imo , this track needs some (re) arrangement :
you need to create some space ; not everything needs to be playing at the same time ...
this will allow you greater control of the mix ...

for me , a case in point is around the 3.00 mark , where you introduce the solo trumpet ;
i'd drop out everything but the bass , and the trumpet w/ that excellent echo you're using ,
and pull the drums back in as the trumpet builds ...
there are a few other places where the same principle could be applied ...

didn't care for the choir , but that's me ...

an enjoyable listen ...

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