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EMM Knagalis
EMM Knagalis
World by NUSofting
WindowsWindows x64Mac OS XMac 64-Bit VST Audio Unit
EMM Knagalis
What is it?
Operating System Availability
 2.0  Download
System Requirements
64-bit or 32-bit
VST DAW host,
From XP to Windows 10
 2.0  Download
System Requirements
64-bit or 32-bit
AU or VST DAW host,
10.6 to macOS Sierra
Audio Demos
License & Installation Method
No License Required
What does this mean?
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EMM Knagalis

EMM Knagalis is a specialized and multi-featured sample player modeled around the structural elements of Sitar, the famous Indian lute. But its sound-set also includes many other ethnic stringed instruments, as well as percussive and melodic instruments from the world stage. Instruments like Turkish Lute, MBira (thumb piano), Santur, Shamishen and bagpipe.


  • Changeable sound set for Melodic Lead, Sympathetic Resonance, Drone sound, with custom Dash sample bank.
  • Three types of Mono performance with pitch envelope and portamento.
  • Stereo Flanger and Stereo Reverb effects.
  • Micro Tuning by easy "one click" menu to get all original ethnic tunings you wish.

Melodic Lead: :

  • One Voice Multisample player.
  • Mono Mode: Legato, Retrigger, Alternate, 3 ways to match the playing style of many different instruments.
  • Pitch Envelope: Offset, Time, Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Pitch Controls: PitchBend range, Glide Time (Portamento), SemiTone (-+12), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).
  • Release Time.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Volume.

Sympathetic Resonance (Polyphonic Layer): :

  • 12 Voices Multisample player - Pitch Controls: SemiTone (-+12), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).
  • Velocity controlled Release Time.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Volume.

Drone (Fixed Voice Layer): :

  • One Voice Multisample player.
  • Play Mode: Free, Sync to Note, E2 Split.
  • Pitch Controls: SemiTone (-+5), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).

Effects: :

  • Tone (Shaping Subtractive Filter): Frequency, Band Width, Off Switch.
  • Stereo Flanger: Mix, Depth, Off Switch.
  • Stereo Reverb: Mix, Space, Off Switch.
  • Random Pitch Deviation per Note (by Options Menu).
  • Random Tone Frequency Deviation per Note (by Options Menu).


  • Midi Learn for every knobs.
  • Default output level adjustable.
  • 19 SoundSets in the downloadable version.
  • 111 Presets Bank on board.
  • 99 selected ethnic scale intonations + unlimited user ones.
  • 3D Ethnic "Wood&Brass" Interface.

What's new in EMM Knagalis 2.0

- larger GUI
- new 3D graphics
- improved fuctional layout
- new release curve
- better velocity response
- new sync mode for Drone layer, now works better for bagpipes
- various small bugs fixed, like display and menu updates
- three new instruments added to the library
- redesigned presets
- possibility to choose the path to the samples data, on Windows
- higher compatibility with latest OSs, Mac and Windows
- fixed bugs with Garageband and Logic

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