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Fathom Synth
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 1.0.7  Download
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Fathom Synth

Fully Modular, 16x16 Wave Table Morphing, Free Hand Wave Draw, Single Cycle WAV Import Export, 7 Oscillators, 5 Alias Free, 30 Filters, 5 Effects, 64 Envelope Segments, Unlimited Modulations, 6 Types of Modulators, Free Mono Version, Direct Email Tech Support.

Current Release:

Version 1.0.7 Feature List

New Wave Morph Video:

Video Fathom Wave Table Morphing Oscillator

Company Website:

Fathom audio demos can be found on the company website: www.fathomsynth.com

Fathom Pro for KVR Members:

Fathom Pro is available to KVR members for $15.00 through June of 2017.

The members page is now by direct link only, password kvrpro.


Version Update Downloads


Fathom Synth:

Fathom is a new fully modular software synthesizer designed to meet the growing demand of producers and musicians to create original waveforms and complex modulations.


Fathom is currently available only as a VST plugin for Windows 64 and 32-bit. We are currently working on a Mac OS X AU release which should be available sometime this summer.

Wave Table Morphing Oscillator:

Two morphing tables of 16 waveforms each with modulating wave indexes for real-time wave scanning.

The ability to modulate and morph between the two tables creating a 2D scanning array.

Waveforms in the second table can be added or subtracted from the first.

Algorithms include morph, add and subtract, unipolar, bipolar, chop.

Animated graphs show the operand waveform, operator waveform and combination waveform in real-time.

Each waveform can loaded or hand-drawn using the wavedraw interface.

Waveforms can be auto-filled for perfectly smooth transitions between edited wave positions.

Individual waveforms can be saved and loaded, and entire wave tables can be saved and loaded.


Fully modular signal flow.

7 different types of oscillators including 5 alias free oscillators.

All oscillators include:

  • AM and FM synthesis.
  • Frequency ranged noise generator with built in filter.
  • Harmonic and random distortion section.
  • Detune section with nonlinear modulations and built in chorus.

30 different types of filters.

5 effects including two chorus, two reverb and a digital delay with 3 channels, built in filters, feedback, and multiple sends.

Modulators: LFO, ADSR, Multisegment Envelope, Sequencer, Keyboard Tracking and MIDI control, with up to 64 segments per envelope.

Modulation matrix: unlimited modulations per dial, unlimited dials per modulation.

The ability to draw your own waveforms.

The ability to export your own waveforms to wav format (pro version only).

125 factory presets and 100 factory waveforms all of which can be edited.

Beta Test:

KVR members continue to make a huge contribution to our Beta Test effort. Please visit the company web site for details.