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HOFA IQ-Analyser (Standalone)
What is it?
UtilityStand-alone utility / application
Operating System Availability
 2.0.18  Download
System Requirements
Processor with SSE2 support (Pentium M / Athlon 64 or better)
 2.0.18  Download
System Requirements
Intel Mac
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
What does this mean?
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HOFA IQ-Analyser (Standalone)

In countless studios all over the world, the IQ-Analyser V2 has become an essential tool for spectrum and sound analysis. With the new Standalone version it can now also be used without a DAW. Nevertheless you can connect it to your DAW via a network connection using the included NetAux plugin.

The new generation of the IQ-Analyser shows – like its predecessor – the frequency range as peak, hold, RMS and energy curves. The energy curve shows the frequency range considering the time factor.

Reference curves from various styles of music are onboard and you can also create and save your own references.

In addition, innovative features like high resolution frequency analysis, simultaneous display of multiple signals in one window, continuous frequency zoom or the interaction with the HOFA IQ-EQ make the HOFA IQ-Analyser V2 an indispensable tool for anyone who wants a capable partner for his ears.


  • Standalone Analyser (Mac & PC) that can be used without a DAW.
  • Network functionality for connection to a DAW or to connect 2 IQ-Analyser (Standalone) on different computers.
  • Analysis of internal and external audio.
  • Measuring Instrument for studios and live locations (frequency, loudness, stereo correlation).
  • high resolution analyser with peak, hold, RMS and energy curves.
  • precise metering (peak, hold, EBU, LRA, RMS) with inter sample peak detection.
  • goniometer and correlator.
  • innovative 31 band frequency correlator.
  • individual reference curves can be generated.
  • filter bank technology for 100 % precision (even at low frequencies!).
  • frequencies from 5 Hz up to half the sample rate can be displayed.
  • selectable display resolution (from high resolution to octave band).
  • simultaneous display of multiple signals.
  • continuous frequency zoom, always using 121 measuring points in the selected range.
  • automatic detection of peaks and dips.
  • IQ-Analyser measurements can be passed to HOFA IQ-EQ.
  • selectable input signal (mid, side, left, right).
  • signal types M/S and L/R (double curves).
  • wide range of reference curves for different styles of music.
  • management of references with sub folders.
  • adjustable slope to allow showing pink or white noise as flat.
  • optional Meter-only mode.
  • direct analysis via drag & drop of .wav, .aif, .mp3, .flac, .ogg out of Explorer or Finder.
  • adjustable window size.
  • optional font size scaling for very large windows.
  • screenshot feature.
  • supports all common sample rates and works without latency.
  • Support for PC and Mac, 32 and 64-bit.

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