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Produce for iTunes, Spotify, TV.

Mix and Master for Today's Music Platforms.

MasterCheck immediately reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on a range of platforms, so you can produce with confidence and certainty. Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications.

Demystify Loudness Normalized Playout.

MasterCheck instantly de-mystifies loudness normalized playout systems, showing you the effect of compression on your audio so you can immediately determine how much is enough and by using loudness matching, exactly what is happening to the transients etc. as the compression increases.

Utilize Maximum Dynamic Range

MasterCheck gives you the tools to evaluate your work and seize the competitive advantage by producing directly for the playout environment. Effectively utilize maximum dynamic range without compromising on loudness or risking distortion introduced by mp3 or AAC compression. Compare and contrast your productions with reference works and learn from the best.

• Produce for iTunes, Spotify and others, check dynamics for playout.

• Avoid downstream clipping introduced by compression codecs.

• Compare loudness and dynamics with reference material.

• Match loudness across FX chains.

• Measure the 'loudness war'

• See and audition in real time.

• Objectively evaluate compression settings with PLR and loudness matching.

• Compatible with all recommendations from ITU-R B.S.1770 standards.


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