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Peti SA Harmonium/Accordion
Peti SA Harmonium/Accordion
Accordion by NUSofting
WindowsWindows x64Mac OS XMac 64-Bit VST Audio Unit
Peti SA Harmonium/Accordion
Peti SA Harmonium/Accordion
What is it?
Operating System Availability
 1.0.0  Download
System Requirements
XP to Windows 10, VST2 DAW
 1.0.0  Download
System Requirements
10.5+, AU or VST2 DAW
License & Installation Method
No License Required
What does this mean?
Important Note
Planned feature for 1.1 : Microtuning
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Peti SA Harmonium/Accordion

Peti SA uses hybrid FM/PM* synthesis technology to emulate the sounds of the Harmonium and Accordion, members of the Reed Organ family.

Traditional Reed Organs operate by means of hand-or foot-driven bellows, which pump air over metal reeds to make them vibrate. The Reed Organ dates back to 1840, when the Harmonium was patented in Paris by its inventor Alexandre Debain. But the so called "free-reed" instruments are much more ancient, like the Chinese mouth organs. The famous Melodica is also a "free-reed" instrument.

The Harmonium in its smaller form is widely used in north Indian music and, as derivation, in pop and rock music too for its full and sweet sound.

*[FM/PM = Frequency Modulation/ Physical Modelling, Peti plugin does not use samples or wavetables].

Within the new Peti SA the synthesis engine has been improved (from the previous Peti 2.1) allowing more variations and better emulation of many harmonium and accordion types.

Peti SA also emulates various features of the Harmonium/Accordion, including the noise of air in the bellows and chambers, a "musette" tremolo feature, and "key coupling" allowing a single note to trigger two voices. Keyboard noises are also emulated.

Peti SA provides features to control many parameters while playing: a MIDI CC value of choice, Aftertouch and Velocity.
That allows for instance a ModWheel or an expression/volume pedal to be used to enhance the natural performance of the emulations.

Features: (See the [New in Peti SA] label for the new features)

Two Reed Banks, the core sound generators, with the same parameters available independently for each Bank.
The two Reed Banks are not identical, swapping settings between Bank 1 and Bank 2 will subtly change the overall sound.

The parameters available for each Reed Bank are:

- Brighter: Adds more upper harmonics in the timbre.
- Harmonics: Two different harmonic "flavours" for each Reed Bank.
- Modulation: This parameter controls the overall amount of harmonics added.

- Harmonics deviation: Extra parameter for Bank 1. [New in Peti SA]
- Phi: Phase difference between the two Banks. [New in Peti SA]
- KT: Extra "keytracking" for Harmonics and volume,
improves some accordions/harmoniums emulations. [New in Peti SA].

Global Parameters:

- Resonance: Reeds physical resonance.
- Resonance L H: Octave shift of resonance.
- HiBoost: Presence equalizer. [New in Peti SA]
- Chorus: Controls the effect which is often called "musette" or "tremolo".
- Chorus L H: Balance of the Chorus across the keyboard range. [New in Peti SA]
- Ratio: Pitch difference between the two Reed Banks. Octave, same pitch or a fifth.
- Breath: Controls the amount of "air noise".
- Space: Preset reverb. [New in Peti SA]
- Keys: Keyboard noise, key release noise [New in Peti SA] or high pitched click on attack
- BoxSize: Emulates the size of the instrument. [New in Peti SA]
- Volume: Controls the output level.
- Volume |+|=|: Allows to set the volume unaffected by the number of notes played This emulates those harmoniums or accordions that due to air pressure distribution decrease their sound volume when more notes are played at the same time. [New in Peti SA]
- Pitch: Controls the master fine-tuning setting.
- Bellows Controls: Rate and Mode, 11 types of automated pressure modulation.
- Velocity Sensitivity: Allows you to adjust the instrument"s response to MIDI velocity.
- MaxVoices: Sets the polyphony of Peti from 1 (mono legato) to 16.
- Keyboard Coupler: This control emulates a mechanical "coupler" which is found in some Harmoniums.
It causes two notes to be played simultaneously by one key, with an interval which may be set to an octave, a fourth, or a fifth.
- Scale Changer: This control shifts the keyboard tuning up to 12 semitones up or down.
- MIDI Continuous Controllers, Aftertouch and Pitchbend:
Selectable CC and AT, with adjustable depth, for several plugin parameters.
And adjustable pitch bending range. [New in Peti SA]
- Scalable interface (Resizeable GUI), several sizes. [New in Peti SA]
- Four GUI colours schemes, plus infinite user custom schemes. [New in Peti SA]
- Tooltips: With show/hide switch. [New in Peti SA]
- Cross-platform preset system with human readable files. [New in Peti SA]
- 50+ presets: Harmoniums, accordions, melodicas, organs and others. [New in Peti SA]
- Ability to import FXB FXP presets from the older Peti plugin.

Demo limitations:
- Sound mutes after 20 minutes, reload the plugin to play more.
- Plugin state is not saved in the DAW.

About the "Peti SA" name.

The name "Peti" comes from the Indian portable version of the Harmonium ("peti" literally means little box in Hindi), although the structure is closer to that of a Western harmonium, small sized.
While the Peti word ("portable harmonium" in Hindi) has been chosen as a tribute to the huge tradition of portable harmonium usage in India and Pakistan, "SA" has been added to the name of this new version of the plugin both to signify a new start, since SA is the name of the first note of the Indian scale, and as a tribute to the European origins, whereby SA refers to "Suprema Armonia", for the centuries old tradition of accordion builders in Italy. You may also consider the SA to stand for Supreme Accordion due to the enhancements in Peti SA for its accordion emulation.

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