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Spatialization by BlueLabAudio
Mac OS XMac 64-BitWindowsWindows x64 VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX
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 2.5.1  Download
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Windows 7
 2.5.1  Download
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
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No License Required
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Binaural spatialization

Spatializer is a plugin that enables the possibility to spatialize the sound of an input track, using a technique of binaural spatialization. More specifically, the plugin uses the KEMAR HRTF dataset which as been created by measuring the ear response (among others), depending on the direction of the incoming sound.

The Spatializer plugin enables the possibility to setup the position of the sound source in the space, as well as a width parameter which enables to possibility to make the sound source more or less punctual or diffuse. The output gain is also adjustable.

The Spatializer plugin adds a huge potential compared to a simple left/right pan. The listener will be able indeed to localize accurately a spatialized sound, not only "rather on the left" or "rather on the right", but also "in front", "behind", "above", "below" ans all the intermediate positions. Please note that for an optimized rendering, listening with headphones is highly recommended.

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