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Musicradar.com : 4.5/5 (read the test)

Computer Music Magazine : 9/10.

The SVF-42 is an analog state variable filter emulation with extreme resonance, analog soft clip, and offering many modulation and automation abilities, including VirtualCV.

Features overview :

  • Analog modeled State Variable Filter (LPF, BPF and HPF modes).
  • 2 or 4 poles.
  • No FFT algorithms, but true analog components emulation.
  • Internal audio quality is 64-bit double precision with 4x upsampling frequency for the filter section. However, this version only works on x86 platforms in 32-bits hosts (this has nothing to do with audio quality, only maximum usable RAM by your host. Read a good explanation here or here).
  • SSE2 CPU optimization.
  • Audio input envelope follower for cutoff or resonance modulation.
  • Sidechain input for cutoff or resonance modulation.
  • Unique analog modeled soft clip algorithm.
  • MIDI notes input to set the cutoff frequency and/or trigger the envelope.
  • 2 VirtualCV inputs for analog-style parameter automation.
  • MIDI-syncable LFO modulator with stereophonic phase adjustment parameter.
  • Dry / Wet mix parameter.
  • Left/Right LED Meterin

Watch a demo video here.

Important : if you use a 64-bit DAW, you can use jbridge to run SVF-42 on it. (Read comments about 32-bit and 64-bit above)

Click here to read a detailed features description.

"The SVF-42 sounds absolutely superb, seductively fluid, whip-crack sharp and ear-warmingly analogue. It is a flying start for Slicksquare and a righteous gem of a filter"!

Note : 9/10
- Computer Music Magazine, Special 200th issue, February 2014 (page105)

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