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Ardour v2.8 released
30th March 2009

Ardour has been updated to v2.8. This is primarily a bug fix version but it also comes with a couple of significant features. These include much more reliable VST support on Linux, track/bus templates and, with some important qualifications, AudioUnit state and preset handling.

New Features:

Notes on new features

Track/Bus Templates
Track/Bus Templates allow you to save the configuration of a track or bus (input, output, plugins, edit/mixer groups and more). Then re-use that same configuration in the same or other sessions to quickly setup new tracks and busses. Got a preferred way to handle vocal tracks? Click on the track/bus name in a mixer strip, and select "Save as template" from the menu. Enter a name. Done. The next time you create a new track/bus, you will have the option of using any existing templates.

Distributable VST Support (most for packagers)
Ardour now uses the Vestige header file to allow compilation with VST support on Linux. We believe, given the reverse engineering of the Vestige header, that there is no more need to fetch the VST SDK from Steinberg in order to build Ardour with VST support, and it is possible to distribute all source code associated with VST support. This means that distributions are free to compile and release packages of Ardour with VST support. Linux Packagers: please do not call such packages "Ardour". They should always be named in a way to make it clear that they contain VST support - Ardour with VST support is not actually a Linux program at all (its a small Windows executable that is linked against some Linux libraries, run by a shell script that invokes Wine). It is critical that users have the choice to install 1 or the other (or both, if possible). To repeat, Ardour with VST support should not be packaged as "Ardour". I suggest "ArdourVST" (or ardourvst, for the case-insensitive). Please note: VST is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.

AudioUnit state & preset handling
Ardour now saves and restores AudioUnit plugin parameters, and can save/load AU Presets, and share these with other software on OS X. We will get new OS X binaries online very soon, but please note that this functionality will not be available without either being or becoming an existing Ardour financial supporter. An upgrade that includes all other fixes and features mentioned here will be available for free if you insist on not supporting the software. This will all take shape once we switch to the new website which I hope will take place next week (March 30th-April 3rd).


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