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Audio Ease releases Speakerphone 2
21st April 2009

Audio Ease has announced the release of Speakerphone 2, which has a new cleaner look, new features, many newly sampled guitar amp cabinets, antique phones, toys, answering machines and megaphones.

Speakerphone 2Speakerphone will give you all the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns, cell phones and guitar cabinets you'll ever need, plus 5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX to provide some context.

Added is a microphone simulation module that hosts microphones ranging from Royers to toy mics. And also among the new modules in Speakerphone 2 is one that's called 'Coverup'. Coverup can place any sound inside tin cans, cardboard boxes, under blankets or in the closed trunk of a car. Speakerphone 2 adds presets that switch via automation, an extensive LFO and envelope following section for controlling virtually all parameters of Speakerphone, and a Leslie speaker module.

So if you want to see and hear for yourself what's new (or if you just want to hear Arjen lock Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor in the trunk of a Volvo parked on a moonlit business park) do check out the what's new movie or take the complete guided tour.

Pricing & Availability

Upgrades to Speakerphone 2 cost $149 / €119 but free upgrades are available to anyone that purchased Speakerphone or the All In Bundle in 2009. New customers can purchase Speakerphone 2 for $495 / €395 (+VAT).

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