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Garritan releases Jazz & Big Band v3.0 (JABB3)
22nd April 2010

Garritan has announced that the new 3rd edition of its Jazz & Big Band collection is available now in a download version. Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 is now powered by the ARIA Instrument Engine and adds new features, new instrument sounds and updated programming at a lower price. Existing users of previous versions of Jazz & Big Band 3 can download the upgrade for $49.95. New customers can purchase and get it for $149.95.

JABB3What's New in JABB 3.0:

This library contains over 60 individual instruments, and each instrument offers a great deal of real-time control. Techniques unique to a particular instrument type are also represented (e.g. trumpet falloffs, doits, and even the characteristic "kiss" or "rip") - all applied as needed by the user. Certain features, like trumpet and trombone "shakes" can be tailored to specific needs rather than limited to switchable recordings of particular shakes and the feature is now much easier to use than in previous versions of the library.

A DVD version is coming soon.

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