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Madrona Labs releases Aalto v1.2 Synth for Mac and Windows (incl. 64-bit VST / AU)
12th June 2011

Madrona Labs has released version 1.2 of Aalto, its fully patchable soft-synth. This update brings support for Windows 7 and Windows XP in addition to Mac OS X AU and VST.

aalto12.png Aalto is a fully patchable soft-synth with a free-running complex oscillator and lowpass gate module that allow the creation of sounds that have been difficult or impossible to create with software until now. Aalto's animated dials allow the user to both adjust and view signals in a way that is intuitive, fun and useful.

New in Aalto version 1.2:

Aalto's price is $99, which includes a license for both Mac and Windows versions. For a limited time, every buyer of Aalto will also receive a $99 credit toward the purchase of the upcoming Soundplane from Madrona Labs.

The Aalto 1.2 update is free for existing Aalto customers. A non-time-limited demo version of Aalto is also available free of charge.

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