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Cakewalk releases free SONAR X1c Update for SONAR X1 Producer, Studio, Essential and V-Studio 700
23rd August 2011

Cakewalk has released a free update for SONAR X1 Producer, Studio, Essential and V-Studio 700. All registered SONAR X1 customers can download the free SONAR X1c update at Cakewalk.com.

The SONAR X1c update rolls the general maintenance, usability enhancements and overall performance with stability focus of the SONAR X1a, X1b and QuickFix releases into one update along with a Step Sequencer and Loop Construction View UI overhaul.

New features in SONAR X1c
You can read more about these features in SONAR's online help by clicking Help > Help Topics.

Bus Selection (learn more)
Busses in SONAR X1 are now fully selectable and quick group-able. Additionally the following commands have been added:

Independent Snap settings in the Piano Roll view (learn more)
The Piano Roll view now has independent snap settings that can be used to override the global snap value.

Last Note Selected for Draw Tool
The duration of the last clicked note is now remembered when the 'Last Selected' item is checked in either the Control Bar or HUD. When the draw duration is set to 'Last Selected' the draw duration will be whatever the last note clicked on in the Staff, Piano Roll or Inline Piano Roll views.

23.976 FPS Timecode format
SONAR now supports 23.976 frames per second on the time ruler.

UI Updates and Fixes:

Issues addressed in the X1c update


Step Sequencer:

Loop Construction View:






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