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Cakewalk releases SONAR X1d update
6th March 2012

Cakewalk has updated all versions of SONAR X1 to version X1d. This update can only be installed on top of SONAR X1 Expanded (build 425) or SONAR X1c Producer/Studio/Essential (build 319). If you haven't already upgraded to SONAR X1, learn more here.

New Features and Improvements to SONAR

Grouping improvements:

Key binding enhancements:

QuadCurve EQ (Expanded only):

Rewire 64:

FX Chain 2.0 enhancements (Expanded only):

PX-64 Percussion Strip version 1.0.2 and VX-64 Vocal Strip version 1.0.3:

Usability Improvements:

New Features and Improvements for VS-700 & SONAR X1d integration

VS-700 Control Surface Plug-in has been updated to version 1.4.0.

Support for ProChannel (Producer and Expanded only):

FX Chain 2.0 Support (Expanded Only):

New Commands:

Track Selection Sync:

Bus Selection:

Instrument Track Enhancements:

Performance and Stability Fixes

All fixes from the X1c QuickFix and SONAR X1 Expanded QuickFix are rolled into the SONAR X1d update. Documented list of these fixes can be found by clicking here.

Audio engine:




FX Chains

ProChannel (Producer and Expanded only):




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