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Mildon Studios releases Provoc Exciter Silver Edition, updates Provoc Primer and Provoc Grader to v1.3 and releases the Provoc Series Bundle of vocal processing plugins for Windows
16th April 2012

Mildon Studios has released Provoc Exciter Silver Edition, updated Provoc Primer and Provoc Grader to version 1.3 and released the Provoc Series Bundle, which includes all three of these vocal processing plugins for Windows.

Provoc Exciter Silver Edition features a new Color Fader and Focus Buttons, which let you add just the right amount of harmonics to the signal. Provoc Primer now has a Sheen Control, which shapes the high frequencies. They also feature improved GUIs.

The Provoc Series Bundle includes Primer, for intelligent EQ'ing, Grader, for easy compression, and Exciter, for added warmth and brilliance. Together they can help you produce tighter vocals in a matter of seconds.

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